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Racing Ahead in E-commerce

Over the last two weeks we’ve been creating an e-commerce functionality for Timing Solutions Ltd, a Midlands based Race Timing Services company involved with many race events throughout the UK including British Touring Cars and British Superbikes. As a leader in their industry they wanted to add the ability to sell Racing Transponders online. We chose the Ecwid e-commerce platform to build it, produced a suitable design, added all their products and optimised them for search engines. Our client was suitably impressed with the e-commerce design and functionality, the speed at which we created it and our attention to detail. Soon to go live on their existing website, this ecommerce section is a great example of how we can flexibly meet clients needs, without insisting on a complete overhaul of the whole website.

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Launch of Express Vapour E-Commerce Website

Over the last month we have been creating an e-commerce website for Express Vapour, a Midlands based online e-cigarette and e-liquid seller, boasting one of the widest ranges of e-liquids online.

We chose the BigCommerce e-commerce platform to build it on and designed a suitable and responsive design with mobile enabled version. Optimised for search engines and with appropriate calls to action. We commissioned our Commercial Photographer Tomas Love to provide over 300 product images, and the website was immediately approved by our client, delighted with all aspects.

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Web Design – You Get What You Pay For


Website Cost Benefit Analysis

The importance of a business’s website clearly relates to what % of revenue it is wholly or even partially responsible for.

You could say the same for a Salesman or any employee really – they help generate turnover – therefore their loss also effects it.

If overnight a company lost its whole Sales and Marketing Department, or a shop couldn’t open the front doors due to a flood, or a factory had a serious fire – the loss of revenue would be highly damaging until the situation was corrected.

Likewise if the Sales and/or Marketing department are substandard, or in the case of a retail outlet – it resides in a street where no one goes – neither businesses are able to discover or reach their potential. This is all common sense stuff.

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If Your Website Was a Car…?

Yeah I know this is a rather quirky post, a bit different to my usual stuff; but hey, I got your attention. Now, how’s your website doing? Reckon it needs an overhaul? Check out our Portfolio and Testimonials and give us a call for a quote.

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Some eCommerce Websites We Created Over The Summer

Been busy stuck indoors during the summer heatwave designing, building and launching some ecommerce websites and a few brochure websites.

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Building an Extremely Successful Internet Business

A good article for any aspiring internet entrepreneurs. You might need to be logged into LinkedIn to read it though.


What most people don’t understand is that the best way to create a consumer Internet company worth north of a billion dollars is to build a digital transaction business – a company that connects buyers and sellers so they can more efficiently transact. A full two-thirds of the 24 publicly traded U.S. Internet companies worth more than £0.64 billion are digital transaction firms.

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The Future – Glass and Touchscreen PCs

Corning’s vision of the future of glass technologies. The story of how highly engineered glass, with companion computer hardware and software technologies, will help shape our world.

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BS Recruitment Speak – Amusing Video From The Onion

Man Not Sure He’s Dynamic Enough To Work At Local Marketing Firm

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Modern Marketing Strategy

Make sure you’re barking up the right tree!

This blog post is aimed at business managers and entrepreneurs – just to start you thinking about ways to improve your marketing strategies, messages and efforts.

  • How has the recession affected your target market?
  • What tactics within your marketing strategy do you NOW need to change, if you haven’t already?
  • Is it your prices or your target market?
  • Do you work on efficiency, cheaper suppliers, etc?

In today’s dynamic environment, where the consumer has a wealth of choice and loves brands – you may need to focus more on the customer’s ‘experience’ of your service, products, outlets, staff, website, etc.

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Really Crappy Web Designs – Fail Fail Fail

If you want to know what a website SHOULD NOT look like you have GOT TO check out this web page on Reddit.com  = Crappy Design – you will laugh and be amazed at what web design horrors are lurking out there.

Although not on the list I don’t think, as I found it randomly, is a real web design stinker check it out: www.cobrakit.com – see enlargeable screen shot below.


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Become the most interesting person you know

I found a really ‘interesting’ blog post just now, by Scott Ginsberg – “30 ways to become the most interesting person you know” So I thought I’d share it with you all.

Here’s a few exerts:

How much money is being boring costing you?

ANSWER: Too much.

  • Boring ideas lose.
  • Boring people fade.
  • Boring organizations fizzle.

LESSON LEARNED: There is inverse relationship between how successful you are and how boring you are.

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10 Free Web Design & SEO Website Tools – Recommended by Roxbourne

1. Reduce image sizes for web: If you don’t have Photoshop to save all your images for web, then this is a nice FREE alternative. Just sign-up and you can upload photos in batch with unlimited usage. Great to speed up website load.


2. View my website on different devices: See what your website would like on different devices. This just scales down the viewing window to different resolutions of different mobile phones, tablets and monitor sizes etc.


3. What font is this?: Want to know what font is used within a logo or poster etc? This is a great resource. Upload your image, and just tell the tool which letter is which and its normally 100% correct with these things.


4. Test your website load time: Great tool to rate your website out of 100 for load time, and give you tips how to improve it. I’ll do another post on how to improve your load times.


5. On-Site SEO Analysis Tool: There are a lot of SEO analysis/report websites. They vary a lot in quality. This one is very good for giving you feedback on some of your basic on-site SEO. Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Keywords and Heading Tags etc. Includes advice videos from the Head of Google, Matt Cutts.


6. Best CSS3 Generator:


BONUS: http://www.paulund.co.uk/creating-different-css3-box-shadows-effects

7. Placeholder (Filler) Text Examples: Includes empty tables, forms and various lists.


8. Off-Site SEO Report Tool:


9. Reverse Image Search


10. Backlink checker



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The Cost of Building an Online Enterprise

We’ve recently had 3 or 4 enquiries asking us if we could design and build the equivalents of leading global enterprise brands.

“I bought a domain a few years ago and I’ve done nothing with it, www.trollzebrafishdonut.com, so me and my mate thought we’d get a website developer to put something on it that would make us a lot of money. What we want is a website where users can create accounts, write about themselves, share photos and invite their friends, we have £3,000, can you do it?”

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eCommerce Websites – Keep it Simple and Easy

This video from Google gets across the point that an “eCommerce system and payment gateway” shouldn’t be too intrusive; and you could be losing sales if it is.

Equally your eCommerce website shouldn’t be messy and cheap looking – you need to build the customer’s trust for them to buy from you. Remember – competitors are only a few clicks away online, not a walk down a different street. Quite amusing video.

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The First Rule of SEO

The First Rule of SEO – Deserve to be Liked by Search Engines

We sometimes get asked if we will do “a bit of SEO” for websites that look like they were put together by the owner’s youngest pimply offspring in 1995 and hardly touched since.

Firstly, Design – Typically these websites have the seasoned delights of: bad looking and pixelated images riddled with artifacts, unprofessional fonts (see “why you shouldn’t use comic sans“), coloured fonts, hopeless navigation, unbalanced elements, empty pages, broken links, cheesy clichés, boring, nasty, broken, slow, confusing, etc, etc.

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