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10 Free Web Design & SEO Website Tools – Recommended by Roxbourne

1. Reduce image sizes for web: If you don’t have Photoshop to save all your images for web, then this is a nice FREE alternative. Just sign-up and you can upload photos in batch with unlimited usage. Great to speed up website load. 2. View my website on different devices: See what your website [&hellip

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How to speed up your Internet, Downloads and Torrents

There are several applications that you can download for free that will tweak your computer, and allow your internet to run the way it should do. In my written instructions for each application, boxes you need to click for each step are in italics. 1. General Internet Speed: You can tweak your windows registry using [&hellip

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Designer Essentials – Our Top Ten Plugins for WordPress

Here at Roxbourne we’ve been using WordPress to build certain websites for a while now, and we love it, but there are still a lot of drawbacks. Thanks to the work of hundreds of contributors to WordPress, plug-ins can address a lot of these drawbacks. So here is a top ten list of some of [&hellip

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How To Speed up Your Computer for FREE! – In 10 Easy Steps. (Updated Mar ’11)

Most PC users will keep using their computers or laptops until it gets so slow they feel the need to bin it and purchase a new one. They feel like it’s speed is dependant on its age. Most of the time, this isn’t the case.

As a computer technician, I’ve been called out many times to address computers that are running a lot slower than when they were first purchased. I thought it would be a nice idea to write about the most common problems i’ve encountered and how to easily address them. These mostly apply to Microsoft Windows XP, however can be applied to Vista.

I will recommend you download some software within my tips, however no need to worry, they are all absolutely

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Free SEO Tools

One of our favourite websites for assistance with Search Engine Optimisation is, you guessed it. In particular they provide FREE tools as add-ons for Firefox. We’ve been using: A few features of Rank Checker worth mentioning: It enables you to check all your keyword rankings within the SERPS of Google, Yahoo and Live Search [&hellip

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