There are several applications that you can download for free that will tweak your computer, and allow your internet to run the way it should do.

In my written instructions for each application, boxes you need to click for each step are in italics.

1. General Internet Speed: You can tweak your windows registry using TCP Optimizer.

a) TCP Optimizer *Doesnt need Installing.
Direct DL Link:

Once it’s open, click Modify All Network Adapters then click the bubble next to optimal settings. Then Slide the connection speed to your match your approximate broadband speed. If you don’t know your broadband speed go to Once done, click apply and reset your computer. (A quick note to remember, all these settings are applied to your specific broadband connection.)

b) Disable QoS Packet Scheduler

This reserves 20% of your bandwidth to windows to download updates etc. It’s not really needed. Go to control panel and then network connections. Right click the connection you’re using for your internet. (It will be “local area connection” if you’re using a cable and “wireless area connection” if you’re using wireless.)  Then click properties. Untick “QoS Packet Scheduler” and click ok.

2. Torrent Downloading: The best torrent client by far is uTorrent.

a) Download uTorrent 3.1.3 (3.2 Beta gave me very slow download speeds, I’d wait until it’s fully released before you try it)
Direct DL Link: (Download the latest version)

Go to and click “begin test”. You should then get a result like this:
Keep it as a reference to set some options as below.

speedtest example

b) Advanced uTorrent Settings

Get into Preferences (Ctrl + P)  and then go to these sections and make sure the following are ticked:

1. Connection
– Enable UPnP port mapping
– Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
– Add Windows Firewall exception

2. Bandwidth
– Maximum Upload Rate – Set to 80% of your maximum upload so as to not bottleneck your internet when you’re browsing etc.

In my example: Mine speed test came back as 13.21Mbps for upload. So a good upload setting based on that is 1200kB/s which leaves enough for browsing the internet or for other users etc.

Further examples of good settings:
2Mbps – 100-150kb/s
4Mbps – 250-300kb/s
8Mbps – 600-700kb/s

– Number of Connections:

3. Bittorrent
ALL Ticked except “Limit local peer bandwidth”
– Protocol Encryption set to Outgoing: Enabled or Forced. (Play around with this setting) It depends on whether your ISP throttles peer to peer traffic or not.
– Allow incoming legacy connections

4. Advanced

– net.max_halfopen – set it to 80 from 8 and click set.
– peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – set it to 600 from 300 and click set.

3. Internet Browsing: Stop using Internet Explorer, and get used to a much better, much faster browser. That being Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 18 Beta (Avoid Dev Versions)
Direct DL Link:

Note*: Alternatively you could try out Firefox, however it is a little slower to run on older computers. On the plus side, it’s very customisable when it comes to add-ons etc.

Firefox 12 Beta
Direct DL Link: