1. Reduce image sizes for web: If you don’t have Photoshop to save all your images for web, then this is a nice FREE alternative. Just sign-up and you can upload photos in batch with unlimited usage. Great to speed up website load.


2. View my website on different devices: See what your website would like on different devices. This just scales down the viewing window to different resolutions of different mobile phones, tablets and monitor sizes etc.


3. What font is this?: Want to know what font is used within a logo or poster etc? This is a great resource. Upload your image, and just tell the tool which letter is which and its normally 100% correct with these things.


4. Test your website load time: Great tool to rate your website out of 100 for load time, and give you tips how to improve it. I’ll do another post on how to improve your load times.


5. On-Site SEO Analysis Tool: There are a lot of SEO analysis/report websites. They vary a lot in quality. This one is very good for giving you feedback on some of your basic on-site SEO. Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Keywords and Heading Tags etc. Includes advice videos from the Head of Google, Matt Cutts.


6. Best CSS3 Generator:


BONUS: http://www.paulund.co.uk/creating-different-css3-box-shadows-effects

7. Placeholder (Filler) Text Examples: Includes empty tables, forms and various lists.


8. Off-Site SEO Report Tool:


9. Reverse Image Search


10. Backlink checker