Here at Roxbourne we’ve been using WordPress to build certain websites for a while now, and we love it, but there are still a lot of drawbacks.

Thanks to the work of hundreds of contributors to WordPress, plug-ins can address a lot of these drawbacks.

So here is a top ten list of some of the ones we use. No doubt we’ll do a part two to this post if it’s useful to anyone!

1. Customising The “Read More” Tag.

A small problem I faced was when someone clicked “More” or “Read More…” to read the rest of a blog post, It would scroll the article down to where the more tag is. This plug-in prevents this and starts the post properly from the beginning.

Search “More To the Top” when adding a plugin.

2. Adding Custom External Hyper-links to your Navigational Menu

Normally WordPress only allows internal pages to be added to your navigational menu.

With the plugin below all you have to do is: create a new page, give it a title, and right at the bottom you’ll see the “Page Links To” box. Next to “Point to this URL” type in your link URL.

Search “Page Links To” when adding a plugin.

3. Re-arrange your Posts (For Bands and Clubs etc.)

If for example your posts are “events” for a band, or a club, you may want to have posts show up that are a date in the future.
Normally when you set the date of a post to the future, it won’t show it until that date, however once the plugin is installed and active you can set the date of your post to the date of your event. It’ll show the events in date order.

Search “No Future Posts” when adding a plugin.

4. Re-arranging your Pages (For Sidebar Vertical Menus)

If you don’t want your pages to arrange themselves in date order, having to go through each one and giving them an Order number can be a pain.
With the help of this plugin it becomes as easy as “drag and drop”.

Search “My Page Order” when adding a plugin.

5. How to Duplicate Posts Easily

Once installed, the plug-in will add a “duplicate” option next to edit, quick edit etc.

Search “Duplicate Post” when adding a plugin.

6. Check Blog Visitor Stats within WordPress

The visitor stats will appear in your dashboard, and in the drop-down menu for “dashboard”.

Search “ Stats” when adding a plugin.

7. A Better Meta Widget

Once installed you’ll get an extra widget named “Enhanced Meta”. It allows you to have a whole list of links in your sidebar for example, a login box, or new post etc. Pretty useful.

Search Enhanced Meta Widget when adding a plugin.

8. Maintenance Mode

This plug-in allows you to put a temporary maintenance page up, whilst you work on new major updates for your website. Useful for websites under construction.

Search for “Maintenance Mode” when adding a plugin.

9. Change WordPress Navigation to Horizontal

This is one of my favourite plugins. It moves all the navigation for WordPress to the top of the screen, saving ALOT of screen space for editing posts etc.

Search “Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu”when adding a plugin.

10. Enhanced WordPress Code Editor

This is a favourite too, it completely changes the code editor to give you numbered lines, and colour coding for tags, properties and comments etc.

Search “WordPress Code Editor” when adding a plugin.

Well that wraps it up, I hope I’ve shown you some gems that some of you may not have known about. I know without these plugins the WordPress experience wouldn’t be quite so appealing 🙂