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Need help with an ecommerce website? - We can help on many levels. See our Portfolio and Testimonial pages for examples of our ecommerce web design and build clients.

  • Need a complete ecommerce website design, setup and taken-live service?
  • Need marketing ideas and services to boost orders and profit?
  • Are you struggling with your ecommerce website?
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Some Examples of our eCommerce Work

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Unlike many ecommerce web designers, we don’t just take the design and installation cheque. We assist with a very wide range of needs - ecommerce advice, research, strategic marketing and business planning, ecommerce web design and build, copywriting, installation, customisation, full product and category setup, SEO and on-going management. All the functionality you need in a modern and attractive ecommerce website design that's a professional selling machine, well thought-out, state-of-the-art and trustworthy.

As ecommerce web designers we’ve acquired our abilities first hand from many years in marketing and from working closely with our ecommerce web design clients. Our testimonials speak for us.

Ecommerce websites have a vast range of variables; therefore it's only reasonable that we'd need to know a fair amount about your ambitions, your products and your online venture before we can provide a written proposal. Three of the largest variables are 'what do you want the website to achieve?', 'how many products do you have?' and 'how much help do you need with strategy, planning, research and project management?'

Give us a call to discuss your ecommerce ambitions - your first consultation is free and without obligation. Based centrally in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England - we typically provide ecommerce web design services throughout the East and West Midlands, Birmingham and beyond; we also work internationally too, with clients in Europe, USA and Canada.

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Effective eCommerce and Visitor Trust

The most important aspect of successful ecommerce is full awareness of all matters that effect online sales, therefore a Project Manager needs to be appointed who understands ecommerce, the products, marketing and business in general. We can take on project management if your time and/or experience of ecommerce is limited.

Assuming you’ve conducted research and have products that there’s a demand for, clearly you want a good share of the market. Assuming you’ve researched the target market and their needs, worked out your USPs, got your pricing right and budgeted for the ecommerce web design, setup and promotional costs – you’re ready to make a start.

Gaining the trust of your visitors is key – who would buy from an ecommerce website that looks cheaply designed with poor graphics and descriptions? Or lacking all the necessary customer support content? Every aspect of your ecommerce website and shopping cart functionality that can: build trust, convert a visitor to a customer, and encourage repeat sales - needs careful consideration both initially and on-going.

Promoting your ecommerce website is crucial - through offline and online advertising - we will help you develop a stream of visitors with a tailor made plan.


We're Hard-working and Dedicated Partners

We aim to see you succeed online – so we work hard to ensure all aspects that affect Visitor Flow and Trust, Buying Decisions and Sales are covered.

An ecommerce website is a business, and like any other requires investment. Clearly it must succeed, so it needs the sufficient investment and suitable ideas and talent to develop it. As ecommerce website designers we work hard to make a difference for our clients, we want to see them succeed. As a dedicated full service company we can help on many levels, and because we care about our clients' success we provide a lot of valuable advice and added-value services.

Need help with adding your products, tax and shipping setup; and writing supporting content? - We do that too, with on-going ecommerce management. In fact, we’d be surprised if you didn’t need help – we’ve never had a client who just wanted an empty-shell ecommerce website.

The reason for this is two-fold – a major part of ecommerce website design is the content which surrounds the products - promo graphics, the menus and navigation, the category pages and their graphics – and they can’t be created without knowing what goes in them, or how many there are to be.

Secondly, an important aspect of effective ecommerce is Search Engine Optimisation – proper optimisation of all categories, menus, pages, products and images – so that you get the Google search positioning you deserve. SEO can’t be done on an empty shell of a website.

If we left you with an empty shell – you’d have to learn how and have the time and ability to set up products correctly, but also how to create categories, menus, hyperlinks AND learn how to SEO everything. You’d need to understand coding and spreadsheets too. If you have the necessary time and skills – you might as well have also set up the shell yourself.

And because eCommerce systems nowadays have all the bells and whistles to learn how to set up and use effectively it would be unlikely that a novice would be happy with their final creation in a reasonable period of time.

That’s why we offer a full ecommerce service – advice, planning, design, build, copy-writing, installation, customisation, product setup, ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation, advertising, marketing and on-going management. We can also help with selling on eBay, Facebook and Amazon too.

Give us a call to discuss your ecommerce web design requirements - your first consultation is free and without obligation; we're based in Lichfield, Staffordshire - and cover the whole of the Midlands, Birmingham and also work international too.

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