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Offline Marketing Services

Do you need help with any of the following ? -

  • Researching and Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Image and Brand Development
  • Marketing Design - Brochures, Leaflets, etc
  • Merchandising and Licensing
  • Advertisement Design
  • Copywriting - Content Writing

Other related services are here - developing your Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, Search Marketing, Pay Per Click and Referral Marketing and Networking.


Researching and Writing a Marketing Plan

Even if you don't have a marketing plan - in a way you do - it's just not highly researched and written down - it's all in your head.

If you run a shop for example - you chose the POSITION (part of the marketing mix) you set your PRICES (part of the marketing mix) you decorated your shop, you chose the PRODUCTS (part of the marketing mix) and you wait for customers. What if NOT enough come in? - It's because part of your marketing mix is wrong? - But which parts? That's why you need to research and produce a Marketing Plan - so you know what to do.

It starts with RESEARCHING your market and your consumers, doing a SWOT analysis, getting the marketing mix right - Place - Prices - Products and Promotion.

Regularly collect and evaluate valuable data about consumer needs, trends and buying BEHAVIOUR. After doing some consumer research it may occur to you that you need to change your product lines. If you believe you'll do better in a different position - move - work out if the extra revenue will justify the extra costs. If you drop your prices but don't advertise the fact - no one will know. You need to PROMOTE - but how exactly? With over 27 year's experience - we can help you with all aspects of research and writing a Marketing plan - and putting it to use!


Image and Brand Development

Developing your corporate image or brand, and your service standards and consistency, etc - will make your company more efficient and valuable. If your image hasn't been carefully thought out you are still portraying an image that says something about your company, services, products, approach, etc - but is it accurate? It could well be hindering your sales and profits.

Brand management is about applying marketing techniques to a specific service, product, set of products or just a brand in itself, and seeking to increase the perceived value in the eyes of the customer.

A brand is an implied promise that the quality consumers have come to expect will continue with future purchases. As brand value rises you are better able to compete in your market. It may mean you can charge more and the more profitable the brand the more equity value the brand has.

So it's therefore important to build a high perceived brand image in order to help compete, build a market position and increase the price of shares. When you decide to sell your company you don't want it to be worth just the value of stock and fixed assets.

If your company provides a service and has clients - developing these 3 - your 'brand image', 'reputation' and what accountants call 'goodwill' will mean you have a 'business' to sell, rather than just a client base.

Developing your brand is about far more than having a nice logo - it includes being successful with all the right marketing strategies for your particular industry, being an excellent communicator, able to build trust and reputation, gaining market share, innovating, being efficient, giving your consumers what they want, working smart and knowing what sets your offering apart from your competition - or developing things that will.

To develop your brand it really helps to produce a Mission Statement and a Marketing Plan - Brand Management is within it. As part of creating your marketing plan we can assist you in developing your brand and thus add more value to your business - building greater profits and efficiency along the way.


Marketing Design - logo, brochures, leaflets, signs

Clearly you need to communicate what you do and offer, and we can assist your promotional efforts by designing logos, brochures, leaflets, posters, signs, exhibition stands, packaging, direct mailings, stationary, merchandise, etc. Branded with the aforementioned corporate identity and conveying your service standards and building trust. See our Design for Print page for more detail.


Merchandising and Licensing

Would giving your clients, customers or fans a FREE gift with your branding on it help you retain and promote? Probably YES. What's the downside? - Each item is a few pounds, a few boxes - a few thousand pounds. What's the upside? People don't often throw away free merchandise, even if they don't use it - they tend to give it to someone else rather than bin it. Think - Mug, Pen, Diary, T-shirt, Mouse pad, Calendar, etc. Stick your web address on it and it could easily be more effective at promoting than just sending a brochure. Could you sell them? Maybe.

We can handle everything - the design and production all packaged and delivered to your door. We can even advise you on what exactly to do with it. If you need a part-time marketing department we could produce the cover letter and mail them out for you. JUST GIVE US A CALL - tell us what you want to promote.

Did you know a direct mailing (junk mail) with a pen in it is 7 times more likely to be opened? We're not suggesting you do anything so old fashioned as to send out junk mail but nothing wrong in writing to your clients and customers with a thank you gift.

Did you know you can obtain the copyright license of an image, trademark or brand for a fee of course, then produce merchandise and sell it? (Copy and distribute). Think toys, comics, t-shirts, artwork. On the flip side if you have a recognised brand, an interesting image, or other creative work - you can provide a licence for copyright use for a fee - talk to toy manufacturers, t-shirt distributors, food packaging - got an idea?


Ask About our FREE Marketing Consultation

To make it easy to get started we offer a FREE Marketing Strategy Consultation with no obligation. This will include one or two fast and practical tactics to use straight away.

We carry out research both before and after a first meeting and follow-up with a outline proposal of our recommendations - again free and without obligation - that's around 4-5 hours of FREE Consultancy!


Our Core Marketing Services Include:


Advertisement Design

For Magazines, Newspapers and Billboards

You have a service, product line or a message to communicate - but is the thrust of your adverts mainly - "Here we are, we're great - come to us!" ? Or as it should be - are you highlighting a feature that solves a very common problem?

Are you telling the public you've just slashed your prices? Or brought out a valuable new service or a new feature packed product that helps them with X, Y and Z? Are you making it easy for people to say "Yep, that's for me"? Are you telling or selling?

The research, thought, creative talent and effort that goes into the expensive adverts in expensive advertising slots by big advertisers (think cars, cosmetics, etc) - you want it too - right?

Well if you have the budget there's plenty of Advertising Agencies who'd love to take your money. Alternatively talk to Roxbourne about some more cost-conscious, or more effective ways to do it.

Copywriting for Brochures, Adverts and Direct Mail

Writing promotional literature, adverts and web content is subjective - you won't please everyone. It's not easy, it needs to be market tested and regularly edited to increase its effectiveness.

You may know your product or service inside and out - but may not have the time or ability to put pen to paper effectively. We can write promotional copy and we know freelance writers who can help too.

Digital Video Filming and Editing

Video is great way to communicate; people love to watch - some people process images better than they process text. Most people spend far more time watching TV, DVDs and YouTube than they do reading.

Would your products, services or website benefit from a video? How do you think it could help you get a message across better? Give us a call if you want a quote for videography.

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