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"Having a website without any search engine optimisation or online marketing strategy is like blowing your whole marketing budget on a commercial and not booking any air time for it"

Online Marketing makes the most of the power of the World Wide Web to promote what you offer. The widespread use of broadband, 3G and 4G means the majority of people go online to find what they need.

Also known as Digital Marketing, Web Marketing or eMarketing; it's all about attracting website visitors and retaining their interest long enough for them to be influenced and have the desire to take action on your site.

Traditional advertising media is nowhere near as powerful - a website gives you a more accessible, controlled, interactive and instant method of communicating and promoting your offering.

It's easier to keep a website up-to-date than a brochure, and the cost of distributing your information to a global audience is substantially lower than direct marketing.

Effective promotion online requires creative, marketing and technical ability - we have combined all these within Roxbourne.

Give us a call - let us help you make a success with your online strategy. Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, we also cover Birmingham, The Midlands and beyond.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website for search engines will help to ensure people find your website easily and early on in their internet searches when looking for a service or product that you provide.

Virtually all aspects of a website need SEO consideration - from the choice of domain name, to the design, coding, images, content - this is called Onsite SEO.

Offsite SEO is also very important - this is about gaining strong Backlinks - also known as Inbound links. These links help people find your website via other websites - AND they help search engines rate your site's popularity.

The higher the popularity of your main pages the higher you should appear in search engine results pages - SERPS. This popularity rating is called PageRank by Google - named after Larry Page.

Backlinks need appropriately worded anchor text with hypertext links to your website.

More about SEO and Backlink building...


Blogs and Social Marketing

Short for weblog - a blog is an ideal place for communication - a place to put your news and fresh interesting content that people can learn from, come back to look at and hopefully act upon. Active blogs are regularly indexed by search engines - so you can see their usefulness to businesses.

You can have a blog within a main website - offering fresh info, demonstrating expertise, and if you do it right - build trust - what's needed before people hand over their hard-earned money.

Blogs are regularly crawled and indexed by search engines so they are a brilliant way to bring in visitors to your main website. Our own blog - The Roxbourne Business Blog gets just as many hits as our website some weeks.

Creating corporate pages on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook could also help attract visitors to your website - it doesn't work for every company but there are many brands that are making use of Social Media platforms.

You can submit your blog, individual blog posts or website's content to social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Digg,, etc - or give your website's visitors the ability to do it themselves. Social bookmarking is a useful way for people to manage a large number of bookmarks and share them with their contacts. The tag system allows users to look through these bookmarking sites and find information like blog posts and articles and indeed interesting website pages. If you are posting there too - people can then find your website if they like your posts.


Email Marketing

Email is clearly an instant and very low cost method of regular communication to a database of people. Objective - attract them to your well designed website and convert prospects into customers, clients, fans, etc. We can assist with the design and management of broadcast emailing.


Pay-per-click Marketing

Using PPC you can get your website artificially on PAGE ONE in search results by setting-up and managing a service like Google Adwords - your Ad goes in the sponsored section and can also go on affiliate sites like Facebook, YouTube and 1000's of others in the network.

You compete for positioning with other advertisers based on how much you want to pay for each click-through for keywords.

Unlike offline advertising you get very useful up-to-date information about how many people have been exposed to your Ad, how many have clicked it and then viewed your website.

With Analytics installed you can also see pages visited and for how long - so you can make improvements to your website's navigation, content and "calls to action".

Although PPC is an excellent way to promote a website it needs to be carefully managed and monitored for it to succeed and produce a ROI - that's where we come in.

Give us a call and we'll discuss effective PPC marketing as part of your overall Online Marketing strategy.


Affiliate Marketing

This form of advertising is nearly as old as the Web.

Using an Affiliate Marketing Company your eye-catching graphical web adverts called banner ads are placed on numerous other websites.

Each time someone clicks through to your website you have to pay some money to the Marketing Company.

This and PPC need plenty of money and a well designed action-inducing website to work effectively and convert clicks into customers.


Viral Marketing

You know those funny photos or videos your friends post on Facebook, or you may have just seen them whilst browsing YouTube and other websites?

Some of them are commercially created as viral marketing projects to be spread by the public for non-commercial reasons - because they are funny usually.

It can be a blatant advert or have an advert built in. Main thing is that it's funny or interesting and helps to build brand awareness and/or get people onto your website.

We can help you create a viral marketing strategy and help it spread around the internet.

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