Get New Clients With Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy for Service Providers...

...Accountants, Financial Advisers, Solicitors, Dentists, Designers, Architects, Plastic Surgeons, Builders, Vets, IT Services, Web Designers, Stylists, Trainers, Consultants, Printers, Landscape Gardeners, Brokers, etc.


Roxbourne helps such firms build their Referral Business by increasing their focus on TRUST, KNOW AND LIKE. These three elements are at the core of understanding why people become and stay a client; but also why they might want to help by referring other people they know to your business.

TRUST and LIKE are as you would guess; no one will refer their friends and relatives if they don’t trust or like you. KNOW is more complex, people need to know what you do and how well you solve their issues - they need to know that ‘you are good at what you do’ - you ‘know what you’re doing’.

All forms of communication or interaction should be to GAIN further levels of TRUST, KNOW and LIKE.

FREE 1 hour Consultation, Research and Report

We could help you substantially advance your firm using Referral Marketing Strategies - ask about our FREE 1 hour consultation available to firms in the Midlands, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Telford, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, etc.

We can provide a tailored REFERRAL MARKETING REPORT in which we will outline the first stages of why, what and how to integrate Referral Marketing Strategies effectively to produce a regular flow of warm, high quality, FREE LEADS both from your existing clients, from other internal departments and from Centres of Influence (COI).

The Four Sources of Referred Clients

Prospective new clients can be referred to you by:-

  • Existing and brand new clients; even those who are not quite clients yet
  • Local centres of influence
  • External networked connections
  • Internal connections - other people or departments in your own firm

Developing an Effective Referral Strategy

To be effective at gaining referred clients you need:-

  • A suitably designed Referral Marketing Strategy as a major part of your Marketing Plan
  • The input and endorsement of all key decision makers
  • A strong Leader capable of heading up, installing and managing an effective marketing strategy
  • To have Referral Marketing embraced and entrenched as a default
  • A very heavy focus on improving KNOW, TRUST and LIKE
  • To prepare and manage a different strategy for each of the four source types
  • Ongoing Training and Coaching of client facing staff, consultants, advisers, account managers, operatives, etc
  • To include “Referrals obtained” as a Key Performance Indicator for client facing staff
  • Support in the form of suitable quality marketing collateral, website, PR, editorial, client newsletters, etc
  • To collect Testimonials for extra effect
  • A supply of suitable Thank You gifts

Everyone in contact with your clients will need to be trained, coached and monitored to embed efficient referral gathering systems.

Training and coaching sessions with role-plays and tracking systems need to be arranged and project managed across branches.

Relevant managers need to discuss how this can be done practically, efficiently and to ensure effectiveness.

Suitable Internal and External Connections and Centres of Influence need to be researched, carefully approached, developed and managed.

Developing KNOW, TRUST and LIKE

Those who get a lot of referred business via their clients or customers are usually good at their job - AND clients know it.

Their clients KNOW, understand and appreciate the service and its benefits, believe they are given good value for money and they also TRUST and LIKE the person that deals with them or provides the service to the extent that they want to help them....

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Why You Want and Need Referred Clients

Referrals are by far the best prospective new clients..

Referrals will come from people who know you’re good at what you do, trust you and like you.

The basis for developing and entrenching an effective referral marketing system is that a referred client when compared to a cold-approach, web or advert client:-

  • Costs the least to acquire and is faster with decisions
  • Is better at taking advice and negotiates the least
  • Will use a wider range of your services and more often
  • Is the most trusting and loyal
  • Will refer themselves, to self-perpetuate the system
  • Is the most enjoyable to deal with and less likely to complain
  • This also means less time spent on advertising and more time earning
  • And far less money spent on advertising too

When you already have a good quality client base to develop referrals from you no longer need to resort to cold-calling and paying for advertising.

It doesn't cost you a single penny to get a referral and you can filter by asking for specific kinds of referrals.

If you have clients - Referral Marketing is one of the most powerful and rewarding marketing tools there is - so work out a strategy and perfect your methods.


Referrals as a KPI

In addition to improving your firm's turnover and profits - the number of referrals a firm or individual receives is also an excellent key performance indicator (KPI).

It could very likely be the most important KPI - as it speaks volumes about how your clients and connections perceive your firm and its people.


Referral Marketing Overview

  • Develop TRUST, KNOW and LIKE
  • Focus on gaining sustainable flows of quality referred prospects
  • Ensure the referrals are efficiently and professionally dealt with
  • So that they become profitable long-term clients
  • And so they also refer people they know in due course
  • Always thank and reward people who refer new clients to you
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