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Want your website to appear higher in internet searches? - Of course you do! - Then read on...

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO - is the process of making a website more visible in the search results of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, etc.

The earlier your website appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) - preferably on PAGE ONE - for a given phrase related to your offering - the greater the quantity of visitors and enquiries you should receive.

Improvements can be made using various legitimate Search Engine Optimisation techniques - e.g. correctly written and optimised titles and code, adding regular, unique and fresh content, using appropriate and effectively placed keywords and very importantly - having strong and relevant backlinks (other popular websites linking to yours), etc.

Your website also needs to deserve to rank high - for further details see our blog post: The first Rule of SEO.

"Having a website without any SEO or online strategy is like blowing your whole marketing budget on a commercial and not booking any air time for it..."

We provide comprehensive, ethical, guidelines-approved SEO services for existing websites and for websites we design.

We can help your website appear higher in search results pages using the ethical SEO techniques mentioned on this page and others we cannot disclose for competitive reasons - all ethical of course! We provide SEO services throughout the West Midlands, Birmingham, Staffordshire and beyond.

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Get Ranked on Page One in an Organic Search

You want your website to be easy to find by people interested in what you offer - you can't get easier than being on PAGE ONE in Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, ASK, etc.

Google is by far the most popular internet search site in the UK and most parts of the world. Having your website appear on page one (meaning the top ten) in an organic ("natural" not "sponsored ad") Google search results page for a particular keyword or search phrase is the Holy Grail of marketing.

More than 80% of clicks are on page one results; being FIRST on 'Page 1' can mean up to five times as many click-throughs than being fourth or lower.

It's obvious what this means to a business, its turnover and profits.

Google techies are very smart and their closely guarded algorithm uses thousands of factors to determine relevancy - and it's constantly evolving. Their reputation is based on producing relevant results.

SEO will help your site promote its relevancy.

TIP: Many searchers include the name of a geographical area in a search box - along with the service or product they're interested in - effectively geo-targeting your website will help it appear much higher when searchers do this.


What is Onsite and Offsite SEO?

Onsite SEO is about your website's code and content. The code and link structure needs to be suitable for search engine categorisation. Search Engines need to decide upon your content's relevancy, importance, authority, etc.

Search Engines regularly visit and index websites that have regular, unique, fresh and useful content - the public do too.

Onsite SEO starts at the conception of a website and must be considered in the choice of keywords, domain name, page URLs, the navigation, layout, design, coding and particularly the written content.

Offsite SEO is mainly about gaining the all-important 'backlinks' (aka inbound links) to your website, which should increase traffic and your Google PageRank.

How to attract relevant backlinks can be considered once your website is up and running but do not neglect - it's a major part of Search Engine Optimisation.

See the section on the right about backlinks and PageRank (PR).

Tweaking the code and text, and regularly adding fresh content is clearly a continuous process - as is gaining backlinks. So Search Engine Optimisation is an on-going process because your competitors could overtake you again if you neglect your website.

Some websites have used unethical 'black hat' as opposed to ethical 'white hat' techniques to try and fool Search Engines and gain higher positions in SERPs.

For example, unethical black-hat 'link-buying' tricks ultimately do not work, and we would never recommend doing that - Google et all could demote or remove your website from their databases.

Keywords - Researching, Embedding and Density

You need to carefully research and decide on the most likely keywords and phrases (and their related or associated words) your target audience types into search boxes when looking for an offering such as yours - and integrate them into your website content appropriately, but don't stuff too much.

Keywords in domain name, page URLs, meta descriptions, titles and page headings are given more importance than in the body text.

Keyword density and positioning requires lots of careful consideration and plenty of time needs to be dedicated to it - but it's completely worth it - miss this aspect at your peril! Google's 'Keyword Tool' can help you with part of this.

Update Often with Fresh, Engaging & Unique Content

Both search engines and consumers like to see up-to-date, relevant, informative, useful, interesting, well written and nicely presented content on websites.

Search engines will regularly crawl and index websites that have regular fresh content - make sure it's unique - don't go plagiarising. Visitors are also more likely to come back again if they know you regularly update your site's content.


Having a blog on your website is ideal for posting regular fresh content; our blog posts are indexed by Google the same day.

Make sure you also write the blog titles with keywords in mind.

You can ask your website's visitors to subscribe to your blog posts using what is called RSS. The posts they then receive by email should encourage them to come back and visit your website.


Pay Per Click Adverts in Search Engine Results

In addition to SEO, you can make your web site appear artificially high in search engine results by paying for a service known as Pay-Per-Click ( PPC ) advertising - e.g. Google Adwords.

'Artificially' meaning not in the normal organic search – but your website advert will appear in the sponsored section at the top or right side.

You can also have your advert appear in a whole host of other places around the internet too.

We can manage your PPC marketing campaigns; give us a call and we'll explain how it works.

Online Marketing Services

Building Backlinks

In addition to being effectively written, designed and coded, one of the best ways to build your website's search engine positioning is to have many other popular and relevant websites linking to yours - a big part of Search Engine Optimisation.

WARNING - There are many dubious SEO Service companies cold calling and email spamming businesses, so be careful - they cannot guarantee to get your website on page 1 in a keyword search; so be VERY cautious of any that say they can, and avoid like the plague any that use unethical black-hat methods like buying or spamming 100s of backlinks - which completely violates Google's Quality Guidelines. Definitely avoid the submission to 500 directories - of which 99% will be useless to your website's PageRank (PR) or search engine results pages (SERPs). These SEO companies will typically not provide full details of the backlinks they are adding as they typically outsource the project to India or Malaysia - and it will be an expensive nightmare to remove them should Google hit your website with a SERPs penalty or ban (see Google Penguin).

However, for your website to appear higher in SERPs you do ideally need plenty of backlinks to your website from other popular and relevant websites (these are called strong links) - it's like an endorsement - search engines see this as a sign that your website is popular, useful and supposedly authoritative. With regard to Google - having lots of strong 'do-follow' links to your website helps to increase what is called your site's Google PageRank (PR) - which is on a scale of 0 to 10; the higher the better.

Your site's Google PR affects your positioning in Google's SERPs; see our blog post for more about PR.

The backlinks should ideally be relevant - meaning sites linking to yours should have related content and the "anchor text" and surrounding text should explain why the link is there using your keywords.

Links from YouTube, Facebook and many blog sites are classed as 'no_follow' and will not boost your search ranking in Google. But still try to attract them anyway as some other search engines ignore this attribute and you should still gain visitors who can click on your links.

Many websites and blogs have regularly updated, free, interesting, useful content - it’s all to increase page views and to gain Backlinks. This is called Content Marketing - have good content and people should link to you.

Attracting the right kind of strong backlinks that Google likes is not easy - it takes a lot of time, consideration and effort. The strength of the web pages linking to yours needs consideration; there's little point in having a link from an unpopular web page with a PR of 0 or n/a. Backlinks ideally should be gained gradually too - to avoid it looking like you've bought them - and subsequently getting penalised by Google (research "Google Penguin" to find out about the recent 2012 guidelines).

Backlinks from web pages with 100's of other links out to other websites will not help your website either - as the strength gets highly diluted.

The ideal place to have one of your backlinks is on a high ranking page (typically a home page) of a very popular website, with very few external links to other web sites diluting the strength, on a similar topic as your site, the link is not 'no_follow', the clickable text (anchor text) includes your keywords - what you do, not who you are, and the surrounding text describes your subject too. One of these could be worth more than dozens, if not hundreds of weak links.

The natural way to acquire backlinks is just to have a useful website with regularly added unique content - and people (web masters) will just decide out of the goodness of their heart, or to assist their own visitors, to link to your content.

In addition, you can also speed the acquisition of backlinks with 'link baiting' - viral marketing, promoting a competition, giving something for free, email marketing, offline marketing, blogging, having a useful widget or just a fascinating unique website or page that's spread via social media or bookmarking sites.

There are a lot of useful websites, books and online applications for assisting with backlink acquisition, Search Engine Optimisation and building your website's search ranking. However, many provide out-of-date tips. What worked a few years ago may not work now and could actually penalise your website, like I said research "Google Penguin", and "Google Panda" too.

However, there are some basic SEO methods to do with the written content and coding which when applied, should boost your ranking and visibility within weeks. Call us and we could possibly help your website improve its ranking.

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