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Our Website Overhaul and Promotion Service

Does your website need an overhaul, a kick into the 21st Century, a wake-up call?

We can probably help you - so give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

  • We offer advice on how your website could be made more effective
  • Designs to improve your website's appeal and usability
  • Increase flexibility and functionality with a Content Management System
  • Fix all the problems you're having with eCommerce
  • Optimise so it appears higher in search engines - SEO
  • Marketing advice to help you promote to a wider audience
  • Add a world-class visitor traffic analysis system
  • Help with content writing - search optimised, of course
  • We can also add an eCommerce/shopping cart, a blog, forms, social media engagement, a forum, events management, subscriptions, videos, galleries, etc.

In other words - Wake Up Your Website will help to get your website more attention, enquiries and sales - we can turn it into a modern, hard-working 24/7 marketing machine.


Our Services and Prices:

We offer various packages to suit different needs:

BRONZE Service - starting from £600

We'll fix your website's basic errors and add more written content, images and pages if needed. We'll carry out some standard but very important onsite search engine optimisation. We'll add a traffic analysis system which you can access.

SILVER Service - starting from £3,000

We'll create a brand new website that's sleek, modern and designed for your audience; to suit your business and help it succeed. In addition, we'll research and optimise it for Google searches in code and content. We'll add beautiful photography and graphics, and we can help with content writing too. We'll add features for communication, social media engagement, marketing, content management and visitor traffic analysis. We'll install a future-proof Content Management System with relevant functionality.

GOLD Service - starting from £10,000

Similar to our Silver Service but we spend more time on research, consideration, design, SEO, development, testing and marketing.

PLATINUM Service - starting from £18,000

Similar to our Silver Service but we spend even more time on research, consideration, design, SEO, development, testing and marketing. We also provide a fair amount of advice. You may also need our ongoing website management services - working with you as an enthusiastic partner to help you grow your company's online presence.

WORLD CLASS Service - starting from £35,000

If your company turnover is greater than £500k pa, and you substantially rely on your website, its search engine positioning and online advertising - then you need a website that's designed to world class standards. Its importance dictates that plenty of time needs to be put into all aspects of research, planning, content, design, build, SEO, testing and promotion. You may also need our ongoing website management services - working with you as an enthusiastic partner to help you grow your company's online presence.

ECOMMERCE Website Services - POA

If you sell online, or you wish to - we can help on many levels. Are you struggling with your eCommerce system? Do you want features that your ecommerce platform simply doesn't have? Selling offline and want a modern ecommerce selling machine? We can provide all the functionality you need in a new design that's professional, attention-grabbing, trustworthy and effective.

Need help with adding products, shipping info and terms? - We can do that too, with ongoing management. We'll optimise for search visibility and to entice purchases.


What's included:

  • A meeting to review and discuss your website and objectives. Further meetings when needed.
  • We'll conduct research into your website's effectiveness and write a project report. The higher the level of service you request - the greater the time, effort and detail we'll put into the report.
  • Our time on the telephone or Skype is without charge, indefinitely.
  • Minor future amendments that take less than 5 mins are not charged.

We want your website to succeed - so we work hard to make real improvements that we can all be proud of.

Our packaged services can be upgraded at any time, and are scalable and flexible.

Our 'out-of-hours and rapid VIP service' is charged extra, as is project management.


Project Management - starting from £900

We can also be the project managers if your time is short or you don't have the experience to co-ordinate your website's design, content, build, taken live and promotional processes. We'll also provide advice, research, copywriting, plenty of our own creativity and make decisions on your behalf based on our empirical knowledge.


On-going Website Management, Amendments, Upgrades and Additions

Most websites will at some point require fresh content, greater functionality, amendments, further optimisation and design tweaks.

In fact, search engines prefer websites that have fresh and unique content added on a regular basis.

If your website is important to the success of your business - you'll need to allocate a yearly budget to the maintenance of it.

Therefore we also provide a website management and maintenance service. We don't just work for the initial design cheque - we partner with many clients and pride ourselves on a fast and effective after service.

Many of our clients use our services on an on-going basis - for design changes, advice, product updates and management, SEO, system updates, adding fresh written content, advertising and marketing, etc.

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