Web Design Services - Birmingham West Midlands, Lichfield Staffordshire and International!

Web design isn't just about the 'design' - it's also about sales, marketing, communication, PR, and information management. So you need versatile Marketing Designers like us, who are experienced across the board and really want to see your business succeed online - not just take the web design cheque.

Our web design services are effective because we...

  • Design and build websites for high appeal, usability and speed
  • Install premium Content Management Systems (CMS) for maximum flexibility
  • Always optimise websites for search engine visibility - SEO
  • Always consider visitor conversion rate optimisation
  • Offer to write engaging, search-engine-optimised content for you
  • Design website graphics and source great photography
  • Can help you manage your website, products, your news, the CMS/blogs, etc
  • Set up and manage flexible eCommerce systems
  • Provide detailed visitor traffic data
  • Provide online marketing strategy advice
  • Can help with social media engagement
  • Manage Google Adwords and other online advertising
  • Advise on and assist with e-mail broadcasting

In other words - we provide most of the services needed for online marketing success. Web Designer and Developer services are provided from Lichfield near Birmingham, throughout Staffordshire, the East and West Midlands, and internationally.


Our Web Design Prices

As professional web designers we provide packaged design, build and SEO prices to suit all budgets: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and World-Class service levels. Each level further increases the time and effort we put in, and therefore the cost. If your turnover is over £250k - you'll need and want the higher levels. If a smaller company, a start-up or self-employed - maybe the lower levels suit you better.

See "Wake Up Your Website" for an idea about our prices.

The Basic Concepts of Web Design

  • Content: should be relevant to the website and aimed at its target market.
  • Usability: user-friendly with simple and reliable navigation.
  • Appearance: the web graphics and text should be in a consistent style that flows throughout - professional, appealing and relevant.
  • Visibility: a website's pages must be easy to find using search engines.

A Website's Objectives

  • What exactly are you trying to achieve with your website?
  • What does your offering, service or product help people do?
  • Who is your target market? Where are they?
  • What is unique about your offering? Why should people be interested?
  • Who are your competitors? What are they doing?
  • What features and content will your website need? Now and in future?

Website Written Content and Keywords

A website's content either helps or hinders a visitor's efforts to find what they want. Written content should appeal to both the reader and search engines - but without too much compromise to either. Don't just lift wording from your brochures, or from other websites you don't own.

Website Design and Build

Put simply - your web site should look good and function well. We design layouts and styles to suit a client's particular offering. The design style should be consistent, professional, appealing and relevant. Graphics, photos and videos are used to complement the text; they should have a reason to be there and not get in the way of the overall objectives of the website. As Full Service Web Designers we also offer marketing advice on how a website should look, work and produce results. We create fast-loading website graphics and commission photography when needed.

Once the look, feel and content of your website have been agreed with you we start designing, coding, adding text, graphics and functionality. We check to see that your website works properly in various internet browsers and hand-held devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

For 'search engine marketing' purposes you need the right density of carefully chosen keywords and semantically related words that your target market is likely to use when searching for your type of offering. We provide keyword research and will assist with writing search optimised and engaging text; as any professional web designer should.

During every stage of the website design we take into account Search Engine Optimisation - SEO is another crucial aspect that is often neglected by some web designers and badly done by others. We use ethical, up-to-date and effective SEO techniques - compulsory if you want your website to be found by people searching for something you offer.

Read more about search engine optimisation.

We also consider social media engagement - making it easy for visitors to share your content on Facebook and Twitter, etc - all good web designers should help with this.

Your website can go live once we've checked it all works and you are suitably happy.


Ongoing Website Management

Our commitment to you doesn't end at the going-live date. There are usually onsite improvements and amendments you need or wish to make, and extra content to add. Over the years we can update your website design to help it stay contemporary. Virtually all the websites we design have a state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) - such as the highly supported and versatile WordPress web publishing platform. The CMS handles the inner workings of your website; amendments and addition of fresh content are far easier if your website is built using a CMS.

Using Google Analytics we can provide regular inside information about visitor traffic and how it can be used to make onsite improvements. How users behave on your website is fundamentally important - so their feedback can also be taken into account to make necessary changes over time. Don't hire a web designer who hasn't got a provable track record of regular contact with their clients.


Online Marketing

An Online Marketing Plan can be researched, produced and implemented in order to drive visitors to your site. We can help you decide on the suitable methods of promotion and produce a practical tailor-made plan. Many web designers can't or won't help with SEO and on-going marketing, let alone provide empirical advice; so we do have the edge - ask our clients!

One method is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which includes Organic Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), like Google Adwords for example.

Organic Search Engine Marketing is about getting both your onsite optimisation and offsite strategy right; working at it regularly and amending where needed in order for your website to achieve higher and higher organic search engine ranking for the relevant keywords and phrases.

The key to appearing high in Google's organic searches is building your Google PageRank; although you still also need a decent website with useful, relevant, unique and fresh content.

Read "The First Rule of SEO" blog post

Read more about internet marketing...


Our Website Services


Why you Need a Well Constructed Website

We all recognise the value of a website for communicating messages to the world in an effective and efficient manner - whether you have something to sell or just to keep relevant people informed.

Although the same may be true for printed communications; the difference is

  • A website is always there 24/7/365
  • Available to the world
  • Easier to find
  • Easier to update
  • Can be interactive
  • Can sell whilst you sleep
  • And is more effective...

...for communicating with and selling to clients, customers, readers, fans, etc.

The internet and computer technology has changed so much since 1999 when as website designers we wrote and produced our first website.

Many websites act as online brochures but are poorly written, designed, coded and search optimised.

There must be careful consideration of many factors to ensure your web site and messages are seen, read and acted upon by your target audience.

All communication, whether in print or via the internet needs the touch of a designer to enhance the textual information - making it more attractive, readable and therefore effective.

Get the strategy, design, coding, written content, SEO and promotion right and you’re well on your way to effective communication or selling on the internet.


The Rise of the Internet

Due to a combination of the global recession and the ever increasing use of the internet by consumers - commercial organisations are focusing more and more on online marketing.

Traditional forms of advertising e.g. on television, in newspapers and magazines - are less effective nowadays as consumers grow more cynical, better informed and buying less printed media.

There are now many social platforms, online magazines, news websites, blogs, forums and RSS feeds - taking the place of printed media.

Over the last few years there has been a massive rise in the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Pinterest - bringing more people online and more often.

The continuing spread of faster broadband services over recent years means more people are doing more online, more often and expecting more. What was impossible or unthinkable 5 years ago is now reality.

New types of website functionality, modern consumer preferences and greater use of technology are turning the tide from interruption marketing to online search marketing (e.g. via Google and Bing) and highly targeted ads on popular websites, e.g. YouTube and Facebook.

We provide our Professional Web Designer, SEO, and Webmaster services from Lichfield near Birmingham, throughout Staffordshire, the East and West Midlands, and internationally.


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