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Roxbourne website design - before and after - old carRoxbourne web design and marketing - red concept car

Roxbourne High-Impact Web Design and Marketing

Web Design Services

We design and create search-optimised websites. Attractive, effective and fast-loading websites; and we can make yours a 24/7 marketing machine. Read more about our web design services

Importantly, our clients appreciate our proactive one-stop service; taking care of everything from web design and build, graphic design, search engine optimisation and ongoing website management.

We'll also help with written content, research, hosting and emails, conversion rate optimisation, digital marketing and visitor data analysis.

Contemporary multi-function brochure websites, user-friendly e-commerce websites, agile events websites and highly customisable WordPress websites; our web design and marketing services can help your business succeed online.

In addition to website design services, we also provide advice on strategy, brand identity, technology, functionality, content and marketing. Our advice is based on over 20 years’ web design, e-commerce and marketing experience working with clients across a range of sectors.

Have a look at our portfolio of web design projects, it's a great start if you like our work. Then, check out our testimonials, which as you'll see, demonstrate a track record of excellent service and we're highly recommended.

Roxbourne provides creative web design and marketing services from Lichfield, Staffordshire throughout Birmingham, the East and West Midlands. Read more about Roxbourne.

Roxbourne search engine optimisation services

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Want your website to rank higher in organic internet searches? Of course you do, and we can assist with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. As full-service web designers, we always search-optimise the websites we create. If we didn't create it, ask us about an SEO MOT.

We'll get to know your business, industry and competitors, then research the most suitable keywords and search phrases. Using SEO principles and techniques we'll then integrate them into your website. We also optimise load-speed and consider mobile-first, responsiveness and backlinks.

Using specialist SaaS applications we track and analyse search ranking progress and visitor data over the months and years. This insight enables us to tune-up and perfect your website's keyword integration, as well as provide bespoke advice on what else can be done online and offline to turbocharge your organic search ranking.

In a rush to see results and can't wait for organic SEO? In a hurry to catch up and overtake your competitors? Then you'll need marketing strategy advice and digital marketing services. We've got that covered too.

At full-throttle, our SEO, Digital Marketing Services and Strategy Advice can significantly boost a website's popularity and traffic. Further down the road, we'll help you retain your hard-won search ranking, keeping an eye on your competitors jostling for position.

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Roxbourne e-commerce services

E-commerce Services

If you want to sell your products online or already are, we can help on many levels. As dedicated e-commerce website designers, builders and managers, we don’t just take the site set-up cheque then leave you struggling with adding the rest of your products and marketing the website.

Crucially, we'll assist with advice, strategy, planning, UI design, e-commerce platform set-up, customisation, product setup, product asset management, SEO services, graphic design, copywriting and ongoing management.

We'll also help you choose and set up suitable payment platforms and shipping solutions. Clearly, you need to promote your website and products, so our digital marketing, advertising and email broadcasting services will also come in handy.

So all the functionality and assistance you need, along with a modern and attractive e-commerce website that's a professional selling machine; well-thought-out, state-of-the-art and trustworthy.

We’ve acquired our e-commerce skills and experience first-hand from many years working closely with our clients and our testimonials speak for us. Caring about our clients' success and working hard as dedicated partners we also provide valuable advice and value-added services to help them grow their online businesses and avoid mistakes.

Give us a call - we're fast, friendly and full of great ideas.

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About Roxbourne web design and e-commerce

I'm Alexander Bullivant and I founded Roxbourne.com so that I could spend more time with my computers.

Together with our connections, we provide a wide variety of digital business services - creative, marketing, advisory, digital, commercial, managerial, technical and therapeutic. Services that help business owners, start-ups and other enterprises succeed in the fast-moving digital era.

Although we don't outsource key services, when needed we can call upon the complementary services of ingenious robots and hungry freelancers.

Roxbourne provides web design, SEO, e-commerce services, digital marketing and graphic design services from a base in the heart of England near Lichfield, Staffordshire; 20 minutes North of Birmingham West Midlands, 120 miles from London, and 6,000 miles East of Palo Alto USA.

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How we work

We always aim to create effective and high-quality projects that both we and our clients will be happy with and proud of. Happy clients recommend us.

To achieve this we get to know our clients, their business and their industry. We question, research, define and advise. We’ll put it in writing if needed; helping to ensure we all understand what needs to be done and why.

After we’ve completed a project, we’ll regularly track its performance, manage it and improve it.

We care about our clients' success for obvious reasons; so in addition to creative and marketing services we also provide empirical advice and value-added services to help them expand their businesses and avoid major mistakes.

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Why Roxbourne web design, SEO and marketing

First of all, have a look at our portfolio of recent projects - it's a great start if you like our work. Our testimonials speak for themselves - a track record of excellent service and highly recommended.

  • Over 20 years web design and marketing experience working with clients across a range of business sectors.
  • Convenience - a one-stop shop for a variety of creative, advisory, digital and technical services.
  • Attitude - a common sense, proactive, empirical and pragmatic approach; working hard to deliver beyond expectations.
  • Free initial consultation in most cases; free telephone support.
  • Green - we use servers powered by wind turbines!
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Just a few testimonials

7th May 2020
Hardbrick Construction

Testimonial – Hardbrick Construction

"Working with Alex at Roxbourne has been great. I was recommended to Alex by my dad and uncle and I already knew the quality of his work. Construction is a competitive game, especially in the domestic market, therefore, I needed a website that would stand out from the rest and show a reflection of the professionalism of my own trade"...
12th January 2019
Roxbourne testimonial - Heart Events

Testimonial – Heart Events

"Roxbourne not only created our brand-new website, but they also helped with rebranding the business too. The attention to detail is second to none, and Alex is always extremely reliable and efficient. Nothing is too much trouble and I always feel as though I am their number 1 client! Since my new Heart Events website was launched in mid 2017 our turnover has grown considerably, and the website has enabled me to expand my business in ways that I could not have imagined"...
30th June 2018
Roxbourne next vapour testimonial

Testimonial – Next Vapour

"Wow! New website is brilliant, thank you, love the menu, search functions and big images. Thanks for adding all the new products too. Thanks for all the graphic design work too, including the billboard artwork outside our shop, its really eye-catching"...