Leadership begins inside; with the inner character not the outward personality.

Being a Great leader requires a combination of skills, character traits, experience, mental strength, intelligence and principles.

If you are a leader and you lack any one of the following YOU WILL ultimately get found out and crash and burn:

  • Can articulate a compelling vision of the future that’s clear and focused
  • A good communicator with a simple message
  • A charismatic and enthusiastic character
  • Able to mobilise people and hold their company/team together
  • Can inspire confidence and empower others
  • Can bring out the best in others
  • Is credible, courageous and proactive
  • Has admirable principles which guide decisions
  • Makes decisions intelligently, quickly and with commitment
  • Has high expectations in self and others
  • Can establish a success formula and achieve tasks efficiently
  • Searches for new opportunities for their company to consider
  • Is flexible and can refocus in light of new opportunities or threats
  • Predicts future demand and trends and plans for them
  • Embraces technology
  • Puts health and family before work (within reason)
  • Can take advice and knows the right people to get it from
  • Can manage change effectively

Alexander Bullivant
Roxbourne Marketing Consultants

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