An interesting video for all businesses and marketing departments to watch, it was made to promote the book Socialnomics. The video is basically a slideshow of interesting facts about social media, (this is V2 updated in 2011).

Points to watch out for are – the number of years it took for a new thingamajig to gain 50 million users :

  • Radio 38 Years
  • TV 13 years
  • Internet 4 years
  • AND Facebook only took one year to gain 200 million users!


DID you know – Even The Royal Family not only have a Website, they have a YouTube Channel, a Flickr account and Twitter.

DID you know – Children are being named “Facebook” : –

As reported by CNN, a man in Egypt has named his baby daughter Facebook in honor of the role the social  network played in the recent revolution. Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reports that Gamal Ibrahim gave his daughter the name “to express his joy at the achievements made by the youth.”

The following slideshow also conveys similar facts about the Social Media revolution, if you can call it that.