Referral Marketing

Getting leads from Colleagues, Internal Business Referrals,  Inter-departmental Referring or Cross-selling, whatever you call it – either way you’re maximising the value of your clients. Here’s some simple tips – but be aware of the common problems.

This post is for any firm or individual that has clients,  rather than customers. It follows on from our other blogs on Referral Marketing and from info on our main website. Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers…

Some firms are good at inter-departmental referring others are not; either way your strategy for dealing with this should be included in your overall Marketing Plan.

Human nature needs to be used to your advantage rather than disadvantage.

There will be…

  • “What’s in it for me?”
  • “I don’t rate them”
  • “I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting anyone else deal with my client”
  • “I’ve heard bad things about their department…”

All these barriers need to be recognised, suitably torn down and replaced with a nice combination of warm loyal camaraderie and hard company policy.

Strong leadership and management is needed here to ensure colleagues share their clients where necessary and always look for opportunities for cross-selling. Regular Internal networking meetings, building closer internal relationships and integrating a suitable remuneration policy is crucial. How about social occasions for staff and selected clients mixed in?

KNOW, TRUST and LIKE also comes into play with regard to internal referrals too. (See previous referral marketing posts.) That’s why work colleagues need to socialise and network more.

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