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Online ticket booking system for website

stroke comedy club ticketI’ve just added an online ticket booking system for a client we manage the website for. Nice and simple for the client to use and administer, and as the events are very popular it allows advance booking even further in advance. Which is clearly good for our client as he has the comfort of knowing which shows to promote more, and can sell more than just “next show” tickets – all future show tickets.

For customers there’s less disappointment now; as shows are always sell outs and late comers end up missing out – now they can book well in advance from their computers, mobiles, iPads, etc.

Online event ticket booking systems can handle sports, gyms, shows, gigs, running events, etc. They all have the ability to build up a database of customers – for emailing campaigns. And some have the option to add in extras to the buying process – E.G. sell other good at point of sale to increase average customer revenue  – t-shirts, posters, whatever customers might be interested in.


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Why is Social Media Important for Businesses

An interesting video for all businesses and marketing departments to watch, it was made to promote the book Socialnomics. The video is basically a slideshow of interesting facts about social media, (this is V2 updated in 2011).

Points to watch out for are – the number of years it took for a new thingamajig to gain 50 million users :

  • Radio 38 Years
  • TV 13 years
  • Internet 4 years
  • AND Facebook only took one year to gain 200 million users!


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Want to start selling online? – start with a spreadsheet of your products

Masai eStoreIf you want to start selling online, the first stage is to build a spreadsheet of your products and their details. The column headings to start with should be product number (SKU), product title, full description, net price, weight, product options, stock quantity, product category, sub type, etc, etc.

This spreadsheet and its derivatives will form the basis of csv files that will be imported into the eCommerce system’s catalogue. There will be many additional fields that may or may not be needed, and the process will involve exporting, changing the spreadsheet, importing again, exporting again, changing, importing, etc.

The image on the right shows a sample product page in an ecommerce website design by Roxbourne – main product photo, title, SKU, description, price, optionals – some of which change the price, enlargeable thumbnails of extra photos. Click the image to see the actual web page. (more…)

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A Few New Website Designs

kp events websiteWe’ve been busy with a few new sites this last month: three for Masai Omega Automotive and one for KP Events.

Masai / Omega manufacture a range of high quality Land Rover accessories. In addition to web and graphic design Masai wanted an instructional video, an eCommerce system and some copy writing too.

KP Events needed their old website modernised – in fact both clients took advantage of our excellent Wake Up Your Website Service.


The KP Events website now looks radically different and the owners are 100% happy. The brief was basically – make it blue, lively, modern, neat, clearer navigation, and make the back-end easier to use too.

For both sites we did a lot work in Photoshop – cleaning up photos, making graphics, cleaning logos, making sprites and route maps, etc. Also created a few PDFs.

For both website designs we used the highly customisable and flexible WordPress content management system, and we manage all these site on an ongoing basis – regularly adding new content, new events, new products, updates, etc.

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Making a video in a hurricane

We recently made a video for Masai / Omega Automotive, basically an instructional video of how to fit one of their flagship products – The Masai Panoramic Tinted Windows to a Land Rover Defender. That was a very windy day! And its not easy filtering out wind noise.

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Hiring a Web Designer

Like many things, you get what you pay for when hiring a web designer, but the resultant website and its ability to achieve your business objectives is very much dependent upon YOUR input too.

Let’s use the analogy of custom building a desirable house……
blue print for house design

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Comedy Club Website re Design

We came up with the idea for our brilliant Wake up Your Website service after being asked to create a better website design and brand image for The Stroke Comedy Club in Lichfield, Staffordshire. www.strokecomedy.com

The website was old fashioned, badly laid out, had slow loading images, didn’t portray the quality of the club and its massive success, and the business owner was not enjoying adding updates or promoting it. So we had a meeting and started planning the improvements.

As you would expect, the revamped site’s function is to quickly give details of forthcoming shows but we also wanted to include everything that people would want to know – how to get tickets, directions, who’s played there before, what the club is like, etc. (more…)

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Asking for Business Referrals – Handling Objections

Objections and Hesitation – What to do when simply asking your clients for referrals doesn’t work. PLUS thank you gifts.

This blog is for any firm or individual that has clients and a client base, rather than customers. It follows on from our other blogs on Referral Marketing and from info on our main website. Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers…

Simple is best – it’s easier to ask with just one sentence, it’s clearly faster and efficient and less likely to be left out of a meeting than a long rehearsed speech on why you want referrals and how the system benefits the client, etc. However, you need to memorise a longer set of effective phrases when you come up against resistance to referral giving.


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Getting FREE leads from External Connections

Referrals From External Connections
This blog is for any person or firm that has clients rather than customers.

Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers…

…Accountants, Financial Advisers, Solicitors, Dentists, Designers, Architects, Plastic Surgeons, Builders, Vets, IT Services, Website Designers, Stylists, Trainers, Consultants, Printers, Landscape Gardeners, Brokers, etc.

Other service providers and professions other than your own have clients that may also need your services; your clients might also need their services. So it makes perfect sense to be proactive about it. Working more holistically and referring your clients to other carefully selected providers and professionals will compliment your own offering, bringing ‘added value services’ that your clients will appreciate and remember you for. In return the service providers and professionals are also more inclined to refer their clients to you, which is the main objective.

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Referral Marketing Success – Build KNOW, TRUST and LIKE

(Further to the content on our main website about why a firm with clients would want to develop an effective Referral Marketing Strategy)

Those who get a lot of referred business are usually good at their job – AND clients know it.

Their clients KNOW, understand and appreciate the service and its benefits, believe they are given good value for money and they also TRUST and LIKE the person that deals with them or provides the service to the extent that they want to help them.

Referral Marketing

KNOW, TRUST & LIKE are the attributes that need to be improved in order to get lots of quality referrals. more…


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Getting Referrals from Centres of Influence

This blog is also for any firm or individual that has clients and a client base, rather than customers. It follows on from our other blogs on Referral Marketing and from info on our main website . Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers…

A COI is ideally a client who knows your firm and at least one person in it very well and trusts and respects what you do and is confident enough to recommend you often and without hesitation.

The reason they are like this is a combination of their character – “they are just naturally like that”, and their social status or power status at work. COIs need to be identified within your client-base and treated very well for obvious reasons. More…


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Rejuvenate your Business in 2009 – Get a Company Action Plan

It all starts with your Mission –

  • Why are you in business and where do you want to take it?
  • What is mission critical?
  • What barriers to success are in your way?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • What do your customers really need/want?
  • Have you researched it?
  • What kind of service do they expect these days?

Endless things to consider.. all you know is turnover and profits must rise and stress levels must fall.

What’s needed are a new Mission Statement and an Action Plan to get passionate about. You need to research, innovate and develop your offering to attract more and better business, boost client/customer satisfaction and reputation.

mission-critical-marketing590 (more…)

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Your Work Colleagues could be a Great Source of Leads

Referral Marketing

Getting leads from Colleagues, Internal Business Referrals,  Inter-departmental Referring or Cross-selling, whatever you call it – either way you’re maximising the value of your clients. Here’s some simple tips – but be aware of the common problems.

This post is for any firm or individual that has clients,  rather than customers. It follows on from our other blogs on Referral Marketing and from info on our main website. Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers…

Some firms are good at inter-departmental referring others are not; either way your strategy for dealing with this should be included in your overall Marketing Plan.

Human nature needs to be used to your advantage rather than disadvantage.


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READ NOW! Ultimate Attention Grabbing Headline Writing Tip


The key to successful copy-writing –  for blogs, press releases, marketing literature, web pages, sales letters, tele-sales scripts, leaflets, posters, brochures, adverts, book titles, articles, white papers, etc.

……is having a High-Impact HEADLINE or TITLE

Draw people’s attention to reading the body text using a strong attention grabbing headline.

Grab them from the start. It’s about the HEADLINE TEST; if the title makes people read further – you have succeeded.

The headline should make sense, get ATTENTION and ATTRACT enough INTEREST for the reader to have the DESIRE to ACT by reading more.

If not, your copy headline is not strong enough.

To labour the point here’s a video of Dan Kennedy…

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How to be a GREAT Leader or Manager

Leadership begins inside; with the inner character not the outward personality.

Being a Great leader requires a combination of skills, character traits, experience, mental strength, intelligence and principles.

If you are a leader and you lack any one of the following YOU WILL ultimately get found out and crash and burn:

  • Can articulate a compelling vision of the future that’s clear and focused
  • A good communicator with a simple message
  • A charismatic and enthusiastic character
  • Able to mobilise people and hold their company/team together
  • Can inspire confidence and empower others
  • Can bring out the best in others
  • Is credible, courageous and proactive
  • Has admirable principles which guide decisions
  • Makes decisions intelligently, quickly and with commitment
  • Has high expectations in self and others
  • Can establish a success formula and achieve tasks efficiently
  • Searches for new opportunities for their company to consider
  • Is flexible and can refocus in light of new opportunities or threats
  • Predicts future demand and trends and plans for them
  • Embraces technology
  • Puts health and family before work (within reason)
  • Can take advice and knows the right people to get it from
  • Can manage change effectively

Alexander Bullivant
Roxbourne Marketing Consultants

leadership graphic Obama

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