Like many things, you get what you pay for when hiring a web designer, but the resultant website and its ability to achieve your business objectives is very much dependent upon YOUR input too.

Let’s use the analogy of custom building a desirable house……
blue print for house design
If you wanted an impressive and desirable custom designed home – you’d hire an Architect to design and manage the project.

  • You would need to set out a realistic financial budget capable of producing the desired results
  • You would have to decide on and provide an extensive project brief and get involved in ongoing discussions.
  • Realise that there’s plenty to do – crucial research, comparison, compromises and decisions over cost, quality, practicality, efficiency and improvements.
  • Understand that some things cannot be controlled by either you or the Architect/Manager e.g. the weather, 3rd party contractor reliability, availability, etc – so you should be prepared for delays and re-adjusted costs, consider and deal with amendments and corrections.

So if you have high expectations for your website –

  1. Decide what exactly you want your website to achieve
  2. Write a Marketing Plan with a SWOT analysis
  3. Prioritise
  4. Work out a realistic budget
  5. Hire a hard-working, pro-active and dynamic web designer/manager
  6. Provide detailed, effective and ongoing briefing
  7. Be flexible

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