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Effectively Promote your Products and Services to your Target Market

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (AKA web marketing, online marketing) is all about using the power of the internet and its technology to attract the ideal audience to your website content.

But that's not all, 'marketing' should include achievement of defined goals too, customer actions that result in eventual sales and profit.

Therefore, effective Digital Marketing also includes retaining your website visitor's interest long enough for them to be influenced and have the trust and desire to take action on your website.

Visitors taking action on your website should be your ultimate goal; whether it be a purchase, or the completion of an enquiry form, or a phone call.

The High-impact Digital Marketing services we provide include:

Roxbourne search engine optimisation services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Want your website to rank higher in organic internet searches? Of course you do, and we can assist with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

Suitable search optimisation of your website's content will help to ensure its pages are fairly considered by search engines for ranking when your potential customers search for a service or product that you provide.

Virtually all aspects of a website needs SEO consideration - from the choice of domain name, to the design, coding, images, written content, load-speed - this is called Onsite SEO.

As full-service website designers we always search-optimise the websites we create. If we didn't create it, ask us about an SEO MOT.

We'll get to know your business and industry, research the most suitable keywords and search phrases and using SEO principles and techniques we'll integrate them into your website. We also optimise load-speed and consider mobile-first, responsiveness and backlinks.

Using specialist SaaS applications we track and analyse ranking progress and visitor data over the months and years.

In a rush to see results and can't wait for organic SEO to work? In a hurry to catch up and overtake your competitors? Then you'll need marketing strategy advice and Paid Search / Pay-Per-Click marketing services listed on this page.

At full-throttle, our SEO, Digital Marketing Services and Strategy Advice will significantly boost a website's popularity and traffic. Further down the road, we'll help you retain your hard-won organic search ranking, keeping an eye on your competitors jostling for position.

Call us for a chat and a quote.

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Short for weblog - a blog is an ideal place for communication - a section on your website where you post your news and fresh and interesting content that people can learn from, social share and hopefully act upon. Active blogs are regularly indexed by search engines - so you can see their usefulness to businesses.

All website Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and e-commerce platforms have blogging functions - a feature that enables the publishing, grouping and indexing of your articles and news posts. It can help to demonstrate expertise in your field and build trust - two things that are needed before most people decide to engage further.

Your CMS can be linked to your social media accounts, so that when you post an article (on your blog) it auto-populates across your social reach.

Paid Search

If you're not happy with where your website content appears in Google Search (other Search Engines exist), then you can pay to appear in the advertising sections, which appear above and below the organic search results. This requires the set up and management of Google Ads campaigns (formerly known as Adwords). Give us a call if this is something you want help with.

The ideal is for Google to list your website content in their organic search results section, as you don't have to pay to appear there. The discipline that focuses on improving your organic search positioning is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Give us a call if you need help with SEO. Read more about SEO.

Google Ads is a Pay Per Click service (PPC) where you compete for ad positioning with other advertisers for your keywords. How much you bid for each keyword click is a major factor in where your ad appears. And you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and gets sent to your website content (although you can also pay for impressions too).

You can also promote your website content on a wide range of other websites within Google's Display Network and Search Network. Your adverts can appear on YouTube, various news websites, in mobile apps and on 2 million other websites that have advertising sections, etc.

As well as having a lot of control over all the aspects of a Pay Per Click campaign, including cost and location-targeting, you also get very useful information about how many people have been exposed to your adverts, how many have clicked, where they are, etc.

Although PPC is an excellent way to promote a website it needs to be carefully set-up, managed and monitored for it to succeed and produce a ROI - that's where we come in.

Give us a call on 07795-622551; we discuss effective digital marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

As digital marketing consultants, we provide services from Lichfield, Staffordshire throughout Birmingham, the East and West Midlands.

Google Ads certified professional

Google has recognised Alex Bullivant as a Google Ads certified professional, meaning that he has passed multiple Google assessments that assess Google product expertise. He's qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

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Email Marketing

For over two decades, email has been the cheapest and fastest method of communicating important info to customers and contacts.

The ultimate objective of a broadcast marketing email should be to attract people to click a link to your website. Once there, give them the full experience of your offering.

To be successful, email campaigns should be relevant, interesting, trustworthy and most importantly strategic.

Your broadcast email strategies need to include: objectives, specific content, design and arrangement, regularity and timing, audience targeting, regulations, etc.

For example, email subject titles need to be carefully written to try to restrict the quantity of your emails that go automatically into spam folders or immediately deleted.

We can assist with the setup and management of broadcast emailing services and the design and creation of campaigns.

Content Marketing

It is obvious that the quality of your website's content is a very important aspect to focus on and invest regular time in. In fact there's a phrase “Content is king”.

Excellent content, including well-written, unique and useful copy, enticing offers, attractive imagery, video and suitable functionality; must precede and drive your digital marketing efforts.

Quality content gets attention, and its crucial for all aspects of digital marketing from SEO to broadcast marketing emails, pay per click and social media marketing.

Your website has objectives, so its content must be effective in helping achieve those objectives.

To be effective, content needs to be relevant, trustworthy, of value, well presented and engaging.

You also need a balance between being interesting and educational and the promotional calls to action.

As website designers and marketeers, we discuss strategies and tactics with our clients. Guiding them towards effective and suitable quality content, and advising when we believe they are going off on a tangent or forgetting both their website's objectives and basic marketing principles.

Social Media Marketing

Your potential customers aren’t just watching amusing animal videos and posting selfies on social media. Many rely on social media networks to stay informed, explore and conduct research before making spending decisions.

Creating corporate pages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest can also help attract visitors to your website. Social media doesn't work for every company, but there are many brands that are making good use of such platforms.

In addition, enabling social sharing functions on your website, broadcast emails and product listings gives your visitors and customers an easy way to spread the word to their friends for you. Which is another reason to create excellent content, as that's more likely to be shared.

Clearly you can also pay to advertise on social media, which is mainly a pay-per-click system. We can help with all of these aspects and more; creating social media pages, enabling social sharing and social media advertising.

Mobile Marketing

As smartphones and tablets become an increasingly integral part of our lives, it’s important to understand the details of mobile marketing.

Many, if not most people check their mobile devices constantly throughout the day, for personal, social and work reasons.

So nowadays, your digital marketing messages can be instantaneously read and less likely delayed waiting for people to power up their PC.

You can engage with potential customers via mobile apps that produce instant notifications - text messages and emails, and within apps with adverts when they are used - e.g. news apps, social media, game apps and function apps.

So consider mobile phone usage when planning any marketing strategy, from SEO, pay-per-click to social media.

In addition, according to Google more internet searches are now done on a mobile device than on a PC, so they are checking how your website looks and performs on mobile and have been changing their search ranking priorities accordingly.

Called 'Mobile First', the principle is your website is primarily judged on how it performs on mobile devices, they argue that that's where the design should focus and start.

There's a lot to consider there, but basically the mobile version of a website should be suitably optimised for small screens and slower internet connections.

Viral Marketing

You know those amusing photos and videos your friends post on Facebook, or you may have just seen them whilst browsing YouTube and other websites? Some of them are commercially created as viral marketing projects with the aim of attracting the public into sharing them - because they are funny or unusual.

They can be a blatant advert or have an advert built in. Main thing is that they're humorous or interesting and help to build brand awareness and/or get people onto your website.