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Attention-grabbing graphics, photography and product packaging

Roxbourne Graphic Design Services

Attention-grabbing web graphics

Does your website have fuzzy, old-fashioned, inappropriate, boring and/or slow loading images?

Does your website really need a complete overhaul?

As well as designing and building websites, we also create attention-grabbing web graphics.

Give us a call - we'll create a brand-new look - optimised for visual effect, load-speed and search engines.

Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

  • Web graphics need to be attractive, sharp, complementary and purposeful.
  • They should not get in the way of the overall objective of a website.
  • They should be suitably compressed for fast loading without pixelation.
  • They need appropriate "alt" text - Google indexes images too!
  • Don't sacrifice usability for over-blown graphic design.

Large blocks of website text ideally need graphics to break them up and inspire the reader to continue. The page is then more interesting, readable and effective in its objectives.

To achieve this - we focus our design strategy on building Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

We use the latest technology and traditional techniques to create exciting, desire-inducing visuals.

We can design from scratch or redesign existing graphics; just one item or your entire project.

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BOOST your impact with our graphic design services

  • Brand identity and logo design.
  • Web graphics.
  • Product labels and packaging.
  • Exhibition stand design.
  • Business cards, brochures and leaflets.
  • Posters, banners and point of sale graphics.
  • Photography and video.
Roxbourne Graphic Design Services

High-impact graphic design for print

We design and create a wide range of business graphics, marketing collateral and product packaging; either stand-alone or in combination with our brand and marketing strategy consultancy and/or our web design and digital advertising services.

From initial design concept to reality - printed, boxed and delivered.

Do you need to have another look at your marketing strategy? Particularly your brand identity and the quality of your promotional literature and adverts?

All printed communication needs the touch of a graphic designer to enhance the basic text and make it more interesting, readable and effective. To achieve this we focus on - Attention - Interest - Desire - Action.

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A design brief starts it all off; we take time to understand your objectives and preferences, the ridged features that need to be included and the aspects which have creative flexibility.

With a 'Can-Do' attitude, we know you'll expect fast results and quality at a reasonable price, so that’s what we offer.

We use Adobe's state-of-the-art creative software suite along with traditional art and design techniques to create attractive, purposeful, desire-inducing visual projects.

If you have a creative project that's beyond our capability, or just can't be fitted into our diaries we can bring in freelance designers and project manage them.

We can also help you write attention-grabbing content if needed.

Give us a call on 07795-622551; we discuss effective graphic design as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

We provide graphic design services from near Lichfield, Staffordshire, throughout Birmingham, the East and West Midlands.

A few graphic design case studies

  • Project - Masai graphics
    Over the years since 2011, we have created thousands of graphics for Masai - cleaning up product photos, colour phasing, customising for product variants, web graphics, video filming and editing etc. We've also created leaflets and magazine advert artwork. Since we started working with Masai they've been able to move to larger premises, expand their ranges and stay dominant within their specialism.
  • Project - Kings Rings
    This is a photoshop mockup of a website we designed for a jeweller. The final website once built would include an e-commerce system with an online finance module, and SEO consultancy work - optimising the code and content for internet searches for all their numerous keywords.
  • Project - Metalbone rock festivals
    We worked on a very wide variety of operational, creative and marketing aspects for Metalbone Rock Concert Management. We were very pleased to have numerous airings of 5 of our videos of Metalbone concerts on the Sky Extreme Sports TV channel Ex-Tube programme in 2007 and 2008.