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Helping businesses develop their marketing strategies and action plans

Roxbourne Business and Marketing Strategy services

Do you need help with marketing your products, services, website, company or club?

  • Want help with your SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, business plans and tactics?
  • Want to build a brand, develop its identity and strategy within your target market?
  • Want to make the most of your website with digital marketing?
  • Need a more effective website design or e-commerce platform?
  • Could you do with some temporary marketing expertise?

Benefit from our experience and insight

Over the last 20 years we have gained valuable marketing consultancy skills, empirical knowledge, insight and experience assisting our clients develop their businesses. Working on various projects involving strategy, creativity, design, marketing, PR, sales, research, business planning, finance, product management and more.

Attention Interest Desire Action


We help our clients conceive, develop and implement marketing strategies that bring new clients and customers and effectively compete in their market.

From getting the ATTENTION of potential new customers through to guiding them to take ACTION, our marketing services will help you build your brand's recognition, improve the effectiveness of your communications, innovate and develop your offering to attract more and better business and most importantly achieve your objectives faster.

Ask About our FREE Marketing Consultation

Since 2008, global economic slowdown has made many businesses put a greater focus on their digital marketing strategy - improving their website and increasing focus on online marketing, brand identity, advertising, social media, email broadcasting, etc.

To make it easy to get started we offer a FREE Marketing Strategy Consultation with no obligation. This will include one or two fast and practical tactics to use straight away.

We carry out research both before and after a first meeting, and follow-up with an outline proposal of our recommendations.

Action Plan - Business and Marketing Strategy services

Our Core Marketing Consultancy Services:

What is Your Mission? What is Mission Critical?

Why are you in business? Where do you want to take it? What are you really trying to achieve? What is mission critical? What barriers to success are in your way?

We will take time to understand your holistic objectives, your industry, your business and your role. Clearly as a business manager you just want to report successes, targets must be achieved, you need to make a profit and stress levels must fall.

With an external perspective we can help you re-focus on your mission and decide on a success formula.

You Need an Action Plan to get Passionate About

Once you have a clear Mission Statement, we then help you work out the strategies and tactics within your Action Plan. This will be practical and tailor-made for you and your business or department.

Within your Action Plan there can be various sub-sections like Communication and Promotion Strategy, Social Media Plan, Marketing and Sales Tactics, Process Efficiency, Growth or Future Plan, Customer/Client/Fan Management, Service/Product Development Plan, Modernisation and Technology, Competition Beating Tactics, etc.

A new and exciting Company Action Plan is all very well; but it needs to be embraced and followed - we will help you put your Plan and its Tactics into action, however much you need us, for as long as you need us.

By delegating some or all of your marketing strategy to us you will not only have our empirical experience and abilities but also our hands-on assistance in turning objectives into plans, into actions and into results.