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7th May 2020
Hardbrick Construction

Testimonial – Hardbrick Construction

"Working with Alex at Roxbourne has been great. I was recommended to Alex by my dad and uncle and I already knew the quality of his work. Construction is a competitive game, especially in the domestic market, therefore, I needed a website that would stand out from the rest and show a reflection of the professionalism of my own trade"...
10th May 2017
Brand new website for HEART EVENTS Live Music Booking Agency

Brand new website for HEART EVENTS Entertainment Agency

We've just completed a brand-new website for Heart Events (Midlands) Ltd. Its fast loading, wide screen fully responsive for all media sizes, has predictive search functions and bookmarking.
8th January 2016
How to build and grow a successful e-commerce website

How to build and grow a successful e-commerce website

In this article aimed at business owner-managers I will be providing some tips and insight into how to create and build a successful e-commerce business.
12th January 2019
Roxbourne testimonial - Heart Events

Testimonial – Heart Events

"Roxbourne not only created our brand-new website, but they also helped with rebranding the business too. The attention to detail is second to none, and Alex is always extremely reliable and efficient. Nothing is too much trouble and I always feel as though I am their number 1 client! Since my new Heart Events website was launched in mid 2017 our turnover has grown considerably, and the website has enabled me to expand my business in ways that I could not have imagined"...
30th June 2018
Roxbourne next vapour testimonial

Testimonial – Next Vapour

"Wow! New website is brilliant, thank you, love the menu, search functions and big images. Thanks for adding all the new products too. Thanks for all the graphic design work too, including the billboard artwork outside our shop, its really eye-catching"...
10th March 2018
SEO Keyword research

The First Rule of SEO

We sometimes get asked if we will do "a bit of SEO" for websites that look like they were put together by the owner’s youngest pimply offspring in 1995 and hardly touched since. Firstly Design, typically these websites have the seasoned delights of: bad looking and pixelated images riddled with artefacts, unprofessional fonts, coloured fonts, hopeless navigation, unbalanced elements...
30th July 2017
Roxbourne Vapour Freaks Testimonial

Testimonial – Vapour Freaks

"Alex has designed some excellent websites and packaging for all our brands. Our products really stand out on the shelves grabbing attention, amazing work. His attention to detail and expert advice is highly appreciated. The product brands within the Vapour Freaks group are: Vapour Freaks e-liquids, PENG CBD e-liquids, snacks and sweets, DANK CBD e-liquids"...
29th May 2014

Testimonial – Express Vapour

"Complete 100% satisfaction! Attention to detail - first class. Excellent reliability, speed and value for money. We have had great difficulties with other web designers. I don't think I can fault Roxbourne in any way, just a cut above the rest of the competition. I would highly recommend them to any company wanting to sell online"...
25th May 2014
Testimonial - Timing Solutions Ltd

Testimonial – Timing Solutions Ltd

"The e-commerce section of our website seems to be working a treat; impressed with it so far. Very good understanding of needs, reliability, efficiency, speed and effectiveness, good value for money too. Would recommend Roxbourne".
2nd March 2014
Web Design - You Get What You Pay For

Web Design – You Get What You Pay For

The importance of a business's website clearly relates to what % of revenue it is wholly or even partially responsible for. You could say the same for a Salesman or any employee really - they help generate turnover - therefore their loss also effects it.
21st February 2014
Testimonial - Tomas Love photographer

Testimonial – Tomas Love photographer

"Excellent website Alex, thanks. I needed the push, and now finally I have a place to showcase my wedding photography. Thanks for the business cards too. I can ramp up my advertising with confidence now".
5th January 2014
If Your Website Was a Car...?

If Your Website Was a Car…?

Yeah, I know this is a rather quirky post, a bit different to my usual stuff; but hey, I got your attention. Now, how's your website doing? Reckon it needs an overhaul?
20th November 2013
Testimonials - Child Psychology Services

Testimonials – Child Psychology Services

"A big thank you for the new website, excellent work; very efficient service too. I hardly had to provide any input at all myself apart from the provision of the text, which you have displayed so effectively and neatly. Lots of good feedback".
29th October 2013
Testimonial - Echo Of Eden

Testimonial – Echo Of Eden

"Right from our earliest conversations we felt that we had found the right people to do our website. Roxbourne have made our website everything we wanted it to be - detailed product images, elegant yet with classic simplicity, dynamic and engaging. I am thrilled to see the system creates proper invoices and sales details. I can see how much work you have put in, and we are truly delighted. We are getting some excellent comments from friends and relatives. Many thanks for your excellent all-round service, we still can't get over how lovely everything looks! We will be recommending you! Kind regards"...
7th September 2013

Some E-commerce Websites We Created Over The Summer

Been busy stuck indoors during the summer heatwave creating and launching some ecommerce websites and a few brochure websites.
15th June 2013
Testimonial - Studio 5 Stage School

Testimonial – Studio 5 Stage School

"We are over the moon with the service provided by Roxbourne. Our old website looked dated and wasn't really selling our school. The new site is great - a vast improvement on the old and in turn has seen a rise in general enquiries. We were also impressed with the speed at which the new website was delivered plus any changes we've requested (new text, new photos, etc) have been made straight away"...
6th June 2013
Testimonial - Chris Peskett Magician

Testimonial – Chris Peskett Magician

"Roxbourne have improved my website ten fold. I thought I had a decent website before - Roxbourne have taken it to another level. I'm a Midlands based magician and perform at weddings and restaurants, etc. My website had poor visibility in Google search and had some design issues, and words and photos were badly positioned and just looked wrong. So I called Roxbourne and they fixed it all"...
9th May 2013
Testimonial - Additions of Lichfield

Testimonial – Additions of Lichfield

"I have received a lot of compliments on the website already with everyone thinking it looks very posh. I like the overall layout of the website, it all looks pretty good and a little different from most websites, which is what I wanted. Thanks for all the work you have done so far".
5th February 2013
Testimonial - Nemacom Ltd

Testimonial – Nemacom Ltd

"Super job! Overall I’m very pleased with the new look. I’ve shown it to a couple of people and they’re also happy with the changes. I look forward to seeing the site climb the natural rankings for relevant search terms, I’m confident you’ve done what’s necessary, many thanks for your help. March 2013 update: In the 6 weeks since Roxbourne started work, this website went from just 2 out of 48 relevant key phrases on page 1 in Google, to 35 out of 48. Brilliant Job!"
12th September 2012
O bag testimonial

Testimonial – O bag

"We needed two new e-commerce websites built - for online retail and wholesale distribution. We expected the design and build process of the retail website to be complicated and time-consuming, given our specific set of requirements; but Roxbourne achieved all these with minimal effort from us - and most importantly beyond our original scope of expectation!"...
17th July 2012
Marketing Strategy

Modern Marketing Strategy

Modern Marketing - In today's dynamic environment, where the consumer has a wealth of choice, loves to multi-task and loves brands – you need to focus more on the Customer Experience of your service, products, outlets, staff, etc...
5th July 2012
Become the most interesting person you know

Become the most interesting person you know

There is inverse relationship between how successful you are and how boring you are. If the marketplace isn't talking about you, there's a reason.
30th June 2012
Testimonial - Heather Wagoner

Testimonial – Heather Wagoner

"As a new blogger, I didn't know where to begin. Alex took the time to really listen to what I am hoping to accomplish with my new web site and designed and built a management platform that is both flexible and customised. I really like the "translate into any language" feature - it's ideal that anyone can read my articles wherever they are. Alex is great to work with; responsive, creative and respectful of ideas from non-techie types like myself!"
20th June 2012
Testimonial - Horizon Fostering Services

Testimonial – Horizon Fostering Services

"I would rate Roxbourne as excellent for reliability and efficiency, and also excellent compared to other companies we have used. I rate them very good for value for money, speed, knowledge, service quality and effectiveness. Sometimes they need a little bit more patience with regard to understanding our point of view; however the Roxbourne team is very dedicated and professional in their approach, and flexible when it comes to making changes. I would certainly recommend Roxbourne"...
19th June 2012
The Cost of Building an Online Enterprise

The Cost of Building an Online Enterprise

We've recently had 3 or 4 enquiries asking us if we could design and build the equivalents of leading global enterprise brands. There are plenty or sources of help and guidance for starting a business, but the initial idea still needs to be realistic
10th May 2012
E-commerce Websites - Keep it Simple and Easy

E-commerce Websites – Keep it Simple and Easy

This video from Google gets across the point that an e-commerce system and payment gateway shouldn't be too intrusive; and you could be losing sales if it is...
4th March 2012

Online ticket booking system

I've just added an online ticket booking system for a client we manage the website for. Nice and simple for the client to use and administer, and as the events are very popular it allows booking in advance...
25th January 2012
Testimonial – Broadway Kitchens

Testimonial – Broadway Kitchens

"Since I met Alex I have found him to be a very sincere & dependable person who is fully committed to helping his clients achieve their goals. He’s also a fun character with a nice dry sense of humour. If you are looking for a web design company to help market your goods or services and you’re looking for a personal service, dedication, knowledge, creativity and internet marketing expertise, then look no further than Roxbourne."...
4th May 2011
Why is Social Media Important for Businesses

Why is Social Media Important for Businesses

Two interesting videos for all businesses and marketing departments to watch, it was made to promote the book Socialnomics.
3rd May 2011
Masai Land Rover Accessories

Want to start selling online? – Start with a spreadsheet of your products

If you want to start selling online, the first stage is to build a spreadsheet of your products and their details. The column headings to start with should be product number (SKU), product title, full description, net price, weight, product options, stock quantity, product category, sub type, etc...
21st April 2011
Testimonial - KP Events

Testimonial – KP Events

"I'm really pleased with what you have done with our new website, very modern and up-to-date - IT'S GREAT! Very happy with the service - fast, effective and your understanding of our needs was spot on. I would recommend them. Roxbourne provide an excellent service - nothing is ever too much trouble, always on hand to help with our website when things need adding or changing. I would recommend Roxbourne without any hesitation".
7th April 2011

A Few New Website Designs

This Spring we've been busy creating a handful of new websites for new clients. For both websites we used the highly customisable WordPress CMS, and we manage these sites on an ongoing basis - regularly adding new content, new events, new products, updates, etc.
2nd March 2011
Testimonial – Masai Omega Automotive

Testimonial – Masai Omega Automotive

Roxbourne were just what we needed to help us market our family business. We were so busy with the day to day tasks we had no time to put aside for marketing and needed someone to guide us. Alex and Sean have produced very professional websites including a video and set up a corresponding eBay shop with very little input from us. They researched all our products and the market thoroughly and worded the descriptions in a way that has brought us onto the first page of Google for many items.
27th May 2010

Hiring a Web Designer

Like many things, you get what you pay for when hiring a web designer, but the resultant website and its ability to achieve your business objectives is very much dependent upon YOUR input too.
28th April 2010

Comedy Club Website Design

We came up with the idea for our brilliant Wake up Your Website service after being asked to create a better website design and brand image for The Stroke Comedy Club in Lichfield, Staffordshire.
2nd October 2009
Project - Stroke Comedy Club

Testimonial – The Stroke Comedy Club

"Roxbourne were very helpful and imaginative in designing the perfect website to meet my needs. Their knowledge and advice was invaluable and they also provide excellent support, very fast. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs a better website".
28th August 2009
Testimonial - Splinters

Testimonial – Splinters

"You created a fantastic website! Moreover, the creation of my website was not the end: Important, because I know little about the inner-workings of websites, Alex continues to work with me to both maintain and improve my profile. And he’s a nice guy, too".
15th April 2009
Testimonial - Odysseus Cruising

Testimonial – Odysseus Cruising

"Much quicker than our other web developers. They suggested ways of making immediate improvements to our website and Google ranking with SEO, and implemented them quickly and effectively - an immediate difference was seen. I would rate Roxbourne as very good for reliability and speed".
14th April 2009
Asking for Business Referrals - Handling Objections

Asking for Business Referrals – Handling Objections

It’s easier to ask for referrals with just one sentence, it’s clearly faster and efficient and less likely to be left out of a meeting than a long rehearsed speech on why you want referrals and how the system benefits the client, etc. However, you need to memorise a longer set of effective phrases when you come up against resistance to referral giving.
14th April 2009
Getting FREE leads from External Connections

Getting FREE leads from External Connections

Working more holistically and referring your clients to other carefully selected providers and professionals will complement your own offering, bringing ‘added value services’ that your clients will appreciate and remember you for. In return the service providers and professionals are also more inclined to refer their clients to you, which is the main objective.
13th April 2009
Referral Marketing Success - Build KNOW, TRUST and LIKE

Referral Marketing Success – Build KNOW, TRUST and LIKE

Those who get a lot of referred business are usually good at their job, and clients know it. Their clients KNOW, understand and appreciate the service and its benefits, believe they are given good value for money, and they also TRUST and LIKE the person that deals with them or provides the service to the extent that they want to help them...
26th March 2009
Getting Referrals from Centres of Influence

Getting Referrals from Centres of Influence

This article is for any firm or individual that has clients and a client base, rather than customers. It follows on from our other articles on Referral Marketing. Referral Marketing is the best business development strategy there is for Service Providers
27th February 2009
Your Work Colleagues could be a Great Source of Leads

Your Work Colleagues could be a Great Source of Leads

Getting leads from colleagues, internal referrals, and Inter-departmental referring or cross-selling, whatever you call it - either way you're maximising the value of your clients. Here's some simple tips - but be aware of the common problems...
25th February 2009
How to be a Great Leader

How to be a Great Leader

Leadership begins inside; with the inner character, it should not start with the outward personality. Being a great leader requires a combination of skills, character traits, experience, mental strength, intelligence and principles. A great leader: Can articulate a compelling vision of the future that’s clear and focused. Is a good communicator with a simple message...