Projects by TYPE


  • Project - Express Vapour
    Express Vapour stocks a wide range of e-liquids and vaping gear, selling online and via their main shop in Birmingham. The owner also owns various additional UK enterprises - other vape shops, other online vape stores and various e-liquid manufacturing brands, which are also our clients.
  • Graphic design projects - Heart Events
    Since 2017 I have created numerous attention-grabbing graphics for Heart Events, sourced stock photography and customised it, provided photography and videography services, created roller banner artwork, designed leaflets, etc.
  • Project - Dank
    In 2018, an existing client asked me to produce the logo and bottle labels for a new range of CBD e-liquids called DANK. Seven flavours, two bottle sizes and three CBD strengths = 42 pieces of artwork. I also needed to create 3D bottle mockups artwork for online sales, leaflets, roller banners and exhibition stands.
  • next-vapour-project-3-screen-sizes-800
    In 2018 I was commissioned to create an e-commerce website for a new vape shop just North of Birmingham called Next Vapour. As is usual, the business owners had little time nor the knowledge required to get involved in the design and creation, but they had everything else - the stock, premises and the people who could process orders.
  • Project - Heart Events
    Heart Events is a highly-respected live musical entertainment booking agency, and now probably the leading music booking agent based in The Midlands UK. Heart Events sources and books musical entertainment for pubs, clubs, hotels, casinos, restaurants, weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions.
  • Project - Peng CBD e-liquids
    In 2018, an existing client asked me to design and create the artwork for bottle labels and boxes for a new range of CBD e-liquids called PENG. Various flavours, bottle sizes and CBD strengths. I also needed to create 3D bottle mockups artwork for online sales, leaflets, posters, roller banners and exhibition stands.
  • Project - Masai Omega Automotive
    Masai is a brand name of Omega Automotive Ltd - a company with an automotive engineering pedigree going back to 1953. With bases in Istanbul and Lichfield - they design and manufacture a wide range of vehicle parts, particularly for the iconic Land Rover Defender. The Directors asked us to help them with global e-commerce and marketing strategies.
  • Project - Broadway Kitchens Essex
    Broadway Kitchens is a long established bespoke kitchen manufacturer with a base in the West Midlands. In 2012, we carried out a major overhaul of their main website. In 2017 Broadway opened a new kitchen showroom in Essex, and they wanted a dedicated website for it.
  • vapour-freaks-website-project-3-screen-sizes-800
    Vapour Freaks is a brand of UK made e-liquids, as a company it also manages the wholesale distribution of not only its Vapour Freaks e-liquids but some new brands too: PENG CBD e-liquids, PENG CBD infused sweet and snacks, DANK CBD e-liquids and Freak Shake e-liquids.
  • Project - Vapour Freaks e-liquids
    Over the last couple of years I have designed and created numerous artwork pieces for the Vapour Freaks e-liquid brand. Bottle labels, packaging boxes, leaflets, roller banners, 3D bottle mockups and exhibition stands.
  • Project Broadway Kitchens Midlands
    bespoke kitchens by broadway
    Broadway Kitchens is a long established luxury bespoke kitchens manufacturer based in the West Midlands. In 2012, they approached us needing help with their website and online marketing. Their website had many issues with the code, text, SEO and imagery.
  • Project - O bag UK
    Our Bag Online (previously O bag UK and Fullspot Market) is a distributor of Italian designed fashion accessories. In 2012, we designed and built their first e-commerce website with full product set-up of over 5,000 product SKUs and took it live within target. Ever since we've been adding each new season's fashion accessories and have carried out a couple of complete design overhauls.
  • Project - O bag USA
    In 2016 we were asked to design and create another e-commerce website for O bag, this time for the newly setup USA operation, which now had a warehouse of stock and was rapidly opening shops across the East and West coast.
  • Project - O bag graphics
    Since 2012, we have created 10s of thousands of graphics for JComm / O bag UK - cleaning up product photos, colour phasing, customising for product variants, web graphics, leaflets and magazine advert artwork, etc.
  • Project - Masai graphics
    Over the years since 2011, we have created thousands of graphics for Masai - cleaning up product photos, colour phasing, customising for product variants, web graphics, video filming and editing etc. We've also created leaflets and magazine advert artwork. Since we started working with Masai they've been able to move to larger premises, expand their ranges and stay dominant within their specialism.
  • Project - Our Bag Resources
    We designed and created the O bag / Our bag resources website in order to host and manage some vital support functions that wouldn't work on the main e-commerce website, because we couldn't have full access to a clean database.
  • Project - Masai Lights
    We had already created an e-commerce website for the main product ranges associated with Land Rover Defenders, but Masai also had a wide range of lights that were suitable for many other types of vehicle. Thus, we created a separate e-commerce website that didn't just focus on Defenders.
  • Project - Tomas Love Photography
    In 2014, I created a website for Tomas Love Photography, which was to be his online portfolio as a local wedding photographer. I built it on the ever-popular and highly versatile WordPress content management system.
  • Project - Fullspot France
    Fullspot Factory France is a French language e-commerce website we created for use by a French retailer of our client O bag/Fullspot. The site sells the Italian designed O clock watches, O bags and O sun Sunglasses in a wide range of designs and colours.
  • Project - Fullspot USA
    In 2014, we were asked to design and create another e-commerce website for O bag, this time a B2B wholesale e-commerce website for the newly setup USA operation. The O bag range includes Italian designed handbags and watches.
  • Project - Timing Solutions Ltd
    Timing Solutions is the leading provider of motorsport timing services in the UK. Although TSL provide a full service race timing solution, one aspect is the sale of racing transponders. We created and integrated a professionally sympathetic, search engine optimised and future-proof e-commerce facility into their existing website. We added their select range of race transponders, set up a secure payment gateway solution and took it live in approx a week.
  • Project - Fullspot Austria
    Fullspot Austria
    Fullspot Austria is a dedicated e-commerce website we designed and created for use by the Austrian distributor of our client Fullspot / O bag. The site sells a wide range of Italian designed O bags made from tactile EVA and O clock watches in a wide range of colours. The e-commerce system is the same as the other Fullspot / O bag websites we've built - with numerous features and functionality.
  • Project - Echo Of Eden
    Echo Of Eden design and create wedding stationery. Their previous website was just a brochure and the proprietors decided it was time to start taking online orders. So in 2013, we designed and created a clean, elegantly understated, easy to navigate, search engine optimised and future-proof e-commerce website with appropriate supporting pages.
  • Project - Child Psychology Services
    Our client, a long established and globally distinguished child psychologist needed an online presence for his services. He approached us to assist, and we obliged by creating three sleek, modern, easy to navigate, professionally sympathetic and search engine optimised websites for the UK and international markets
  • Project - Fullspot Mexico
    Fullspot Market Mexico is a Spanish e-commerce website we created for use by the Mexican distributor of our client Fullspot Global. The site sells both B2C and B2B, with a range of Italian designed O clock watches in a wide range of colours. They also sell a range of Fullspot O bags made from tactile EVA.
  • studio5-stage-school-project-3-screen-sizes
    Studio 5 Stage School is a dance school based in Rugeley, Staffordshire. Their website was old-fashioned and lacking the vibrancy that it deserved. Using most of the existing written content we created a totally new and different design.
  • Project - Sutton Park Kitchens
    Sutton Park Kitchens is a brand of one of our clients. It was created to focus on the mass market in fitted kitchens for the Midlands, whereas their main brand had moved to the mid to high end over the last decade. To promote the new brand, one of their showrooms is being upgraded and a website was needed.
  • Project - Chris Peskett Magician
    Chris Peskett is a Close-up Magician, AKA a Table Magician. Chris performs all over the UK, particularly The West Midlands. His old website had a number of serious issues with the design, layout and coding, and there was a complete lack of search engine optimisation too - so we fixed it for him.
  • Project - Additions of Lichfield
    Additions of Lichfield is a gift shop that opened in Tudor Row in Lichfield, Staffordshire, in May 2013. At the same time we built them an e-commerce website. Additions sells mid to high end men’s and women’s accessories and gifts for any occasion. Hats, Scarves, Belts, Umbrellas, Walking Sticks, Jewellery Boxes, Valet Trays, Cuff-links, Reading Glasses, Leather Bags, etc.
  • Project - Nemacom
    For over 25 years, Nemacom have been designing and manufacturing Industrial Computers, Touchscreen Panel PCs, Human-Machine-Interfaces, Digital Signage, Rugged Environment Monitors and PCs, Kiosks and IP65 Sealed Fan-less Computers.
  • Project - Touchscreen Panel PCs
    For over 25 years, Nemacom have been designing and manufacturing Industrial Computers and Touchscreens. In 2013, we had already overhauled their existing website, but they now wanted a dedicated website to showcase their Touchscreen Panel PCs
  • Project - Kings Rings
    This is a photoshop mockup of a website we designed for a jeweller. The final website once built would include an e-commerce system with an online finance module, and SEO consultancy work - optimising the code and content for internet searches for all their numerous keywords.
  • In 2012, we were asked to design and create both a B2C and a B2B website for Fullspot UK (later renamed O bag UK, owned by JComm). The images you see here are of the B2B wholesale e-commerce website we created; that had a number of face lifts and name changes over the years.
  • Project - Communicate for Success
    Heather is a highly-regarded Communications Coach; working with Senior Executives globally to help them become better communicators inside and outside their organisations. She needed a publishing platform for her articles and approached us having seen our portfolio, and being a local firm.
  • Project - Broadway Interiors
    Broadway is a long established luxury bespoke furniture manufacturer, and one of the leading companies in the UK for what they do. We had already overhauled their kitchen website a few months ago, so now was the time to focus on their other cabinetry.
  • Acorn Fostering is an independent fostering agency. They provide foster placements in the Midlands and Northern Counties. There is an urgent need for foster carers in the UK today, so Acorn asked us to overhaul their website in 2012 to assist them in attracting more carers.
  • Project - Horizon Fostering
    Horizon Fostering Services is a fostering agency based in London. Due to a large demand for new foster parents, in 2012 Horizon needed us to modernise their website to help improve their online marketing efforts.
  • Project - KP Events
    KP Events is a leading organiser of running events in the Midlands: 2Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons and the Xtreme Challenge. They approached Roxbourne needing a new website to greater represent their position in sports event management and to handle the event listings. A new website that truly reflected the scale of their operation.
  • Project - Hero Media
    London based Hero Media are a boutique TV production management company who specialise in creating TV commercials. Although an experienced team, they needed an online presence to showcase their joint work as Hero Media. The website we created reflected their industry and personalities - cool, lively, bright and creative.
  • Project - Stroke Comedy Club
    We created and manage the website for The Stroke Comedy Club, one of the best independent stand-up comedy clubs in the UK. Established in 2002 and always a sell-out - it’s at The George Hotel Lichfield, Staffordshire - the first Thursday of every month.
  • Project - Splinters The Novel
    In 2009, Tony, the writer of Splinters, found our website when he Googled "Web Designers in Birmingham". We met up and worked out an online strategy to promote his recently completed adult thriller/fantasy novel called 'Splinters', with global promotion of both the paperback and the e-book.
  • In 2009, we were approached to help with Search Engine Optimisation for a cruise holiday company operating 2 luxury Gulets in Bodrum Turkey. In addition to SEO we went on to manage their Google Ads and help with posting blog articles.
  • Project - Metalbone rock festivals
    We worked on a very wide variety of operational, creative and marketing aspects for Metalbone Rock Concert Management. We were very pleased to have numerous airings of 5 of our videos of Metalbone concerts on the Sky Extreme Sports TV channel Ex-Tube programme in 2007 and 2008.