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25th May 2014
Testimonial - Timing Solutions Ltd

Testimonial – Timing Solutions Ltd

"The e-commerce section of our website seems to be working a treat; impressed with it so far. Very good understanding of needs, reliability, efficiency, speed and effectiveness, good value for money too. Would recommend Roxbourne".
29th October 2013
Testimonial - Echo Of Eden

Testimonial – Echo Of Eden

"Right from our earliest conversations we felt that we had found the right people to do our website. Roxbourne have made our website everything we wanted it to be - detailed product images, elegant yet with classic simplicity, dynamic and engaging. I am thrilled to see the system creates proper invoices and sales details. I can see how much work you have put in, and we are truly delighted. We are getting some excellent comments from friends and relatives. Many thanks for your excellent all-round service, we still can't get over how lovely everything looks! We will be recommending you! Kind regards"...
9th May 2013
Testimonial - Additions of Lichfield

Testimonial – Additions of Lichfield

"I have received a lot of compliments on the website already with everyone thinking it looks very posh. I like the overall layout of the website, it all looks pretty good and a little different from most websites, which is what I wanted. Thanks for all the work you have done so far".
2nd March 2011
Testimonial – Masai Omega Automotive

Testimonial – Masai Omega Automotive

Roxbourne were just what we needed to help us market our family business. We were so busy with the day to day tasks we had no time to put aside for marketing and needed someone to guide us. Alex and Sean have produced very professional websites including a video and set up a corresponding eBay shop with very little input from us. They researched all our products and the market thoroughly and worded the descriptions in a way that has brought us onto the first page of Google for many items.
28th August 2009
Testimonial - Splinters

Testimonial – Splinters

"You created a fantastic website! Moreover, the creation of my website was not the end: Important, because I know little about the inner-workings of websites, Alex continues to work with me to both maintain and improve my profile. And he’s a nice guy, too".