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WordPress Web Design, Build and Maintenance Services

WordPress, the CMS to rival all others

To manage website content, a content management system (CMS) is needed, and you couldn’t get any better than the award-winning WordPress, the free open source software. From Disney to Snoop Dog, Sony Music to Russell Brand, Time Inc. to M&S; they all use the WordPress CMS. In fact, 33% of the web is built with WordPress, with nearly 100 million installations.

We’ve been using WordPress software for over 10 years; and recommend it for all brochure websites, news and events websites, and certain e-commerce websites.

WordPress CMS plus plugins once suitably setup enable us to create and tailor websites with everything needed; so that they can compete online for visitor attention. WordPress is scalable and totally suits both small and large companies.

If you're looking for an experienced and highly-recommended WordPress web designer in The Midlands then give Alex at Roxbourne.com a call on 07795-622551. We provide WordPress web design services from near Lichfield, Staffordshire throughout Birmingham West Midlands, and beyond.

Why WordPress CMS

For many years WordPress has been excellent for blogging. However, WordPress enables a website to do so much more now; that the news sections (the blog) is no longer the main aspect on many WordPress managed websites.

The WordPress CMS is free and highly supported with regular updates to keep up with coding standards, security and functionality. However, a basic install is not sufficient.

Plugins enhance WordPress with additional complex functionality and tighter security. There’s over 50,000 of them to choose from. In addition, there are many thousands of themes to skin WordPress. Choosing which plugins to use and which theme will suit a client’s needs and then customising them is a major task.

However, the sheer quantity and quality of WordPress plugins and themes to choose from makes it a hard to beat CMS.

Using plugins, WordPress can be enhanced with powerful extra functionality, for example e-commerce, forums, firewalls, live chat, social media feeds, image galleries and mega menus.

Plugins also enable further customisation and enhanced admin facilities. SEO is made easier with plugins, you can boost load-speed with specialist plugins, add higher-functioning contact forms, enhance security and assist marketing efforts too.

We can create any kind of style and layout by customising WordPress themes. As web designers, we spend a lot of time researching suitable premium WordPress themes and then customising them. We never just do a basic WordPress install.

Once setup, a WordPress CMS based website can be managed by the client if required and after some training. However, most clients do not have the required expertise nor time, so we provide ongoing management, amendments and maintenance services.

As part of our comprehensive one-stop shop web design services, we not only design and setup WordPress websites, we also provide advice, SEO and marketing services, graphic design, photography, copy writing, etc.

WordPress website maintenance

WordPress CMS software is free to download, however we recommend investing in suitable fast web hosting AND paying a WordPress manager (like us) for regular ongoing website maintenance, code updates, addition of fresh content and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) adjustments.

Slow load-speed, a lack of fresh content and inadequate SEO will not impress Google Search (nor your customers), and lack of regular code maintenance will leave your website vulnerable to hackers.

WordPress is an excellent choice of Content Management System and is further enhanced with plugins. However, the WordPress core and the plugins need to be regularly updated to the latest versions to keep up with coding standards, for improved functionality, bug fixes and security patches.

In addition, effective SEO is an ongoing process requiring analysis and adjustment. We keep track of our client's Search Ranking for numerous key search phrases and analyse the data. We use this data, further research and our SEO expertise to make regular website adjustments that should further improve a website's positioning in Search.

If you want a WordPress based website designed, built and maintained, then give us a call. The first consultation if free, and we can put our recommendations in writing if needed.

Fixing WordPress problems

If you already have a WordPress based website and have issues with it, give us a call; we can help.

For example, you many have a severe problem with an old WordPress theme that’s no longer compatible with the latest versions of PHP, the plugins and indeed the WordPress core itself.

You may have a design, layout or content issue. Or a slow load speed problem. Maybe your search engine ranking has dropped off a cliff.

Have you got the WordPress white screen of death, or stuck in maintenance mode? Has your WordPress website been hacked and malware been added by some unscrupulous person or bot?

Over the years we’ve dealt with all these issues. They range from easy to fix all the way up to requiring drastic changes both in hosting company and a complete new web design.